Setup your customer service software in 15 minutes.

Visualice todas las solicitudes y quejas de sus clientes por teléfono, correo electrónico. No pierdas ninguno de tus clientes.

Software de atención al cliente

Logiciel de service client Hipcall

With Hipcall customer service software, you don't need any other software.

Support system

You can see your customers' requests via phone, email, etc. on a single screen and create a report. For example, how many requests are closed and how many requests are still waiting.

Support requests by email

You can receive requests from an email address that you set up and share on your own website and reply to the requests.

Set up your call center

You can set up your call center in just 15 minutes and start supporting your customers via phone. Hipcall allows you to record all your calls.


Dashboards help you organize and visualize your account's data. You can create a custom dashboard for yourself using the widgets in Hipcall and display account and user metrics on the dashboard.


You can divide support requests into groups by adding tags to them. For example, you can display support requests about the quality problem in Turkey simply by using the tags 'quality problem' and 'Turkey'.


You can add notes to support requests and view them later. Notes help you track and see the details of support requests from your customers.