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SendOwl'un misyonu, dünya çapında dijital ürün satışlarını artırmaktır. Dijital ürünlerinizi istediğiniz ve istediğiniz yerde satın.

Bu olduğunda (Tetikleyiciler)

Bunu yap (Aksiyonlar)

New Payment
Triggers when a payment or refund has been made against the order (this covers payments/refunds on any type of order - single payment, subscription payments, etc).
Order Completed
Triggers, when an order is completed i.e payment has cleared and the products are available for download.
Free Order Issued
Triggers when a free order issued.
In Dispute
Triggers when a dispute has been raised against the order (PayPal only). This will eventually settle to complete or refunded.
Order Charged Back
Triggers when the buyer has charged back their original payment. They have been barred from future downloads of their purchase
Order Failed
Triggers when the buyer payment was not successful. No access to files has been provided.
Order Imported
Triggers when the order was imported from another system. As many details of the original transaction have been retained as possible.
Refund Issued
Triggers when a refund has been issued to the buyer. They no longer have access to download their purchase.
Fraud Review
Triggers when the order has been marked as to review by the seller's fraud settings, the order will progress to failed or complete state once this has happened.
Subscription Active
Triggers when the subscription is active and the buyer has access to the subscription files.
Subscription Cancelled
Triggers, when the buyer has cancelled the subscription and access to files, has been revoked.
Subscription Cancelling
Triggers when the buyer has cancelled the subscription but the seller is allowing access until the payment period reaches it end.
Subscription Complete
Triggers the buyer has completed all subscription payments and there are no more to charge. Access to files has not been revoked.
Subscription Setup
Triggers when a subscription has been set up by the buyer at the payment gateway and we are waiting for it to activate.
Create task (Coming soon)
Creates a new task.
Create contact (Coming soon)
Creates a new contact.
Create company (Coming soon)
Creates a new company.

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