Setup your business phone system in 15 minutes.

You can setup your cloud phone system in 15 minutes, and start to serve your customers. You don’t need to be a VoIP expert! No need for physical device investment! A computer, internet connection and a headset are enough to start.

Business Phone System

The 6 Most Popular Features
of Hipcall Business Phone System

Our main goal is to develop a simple, fast, easy-to-use cloud base phone system. We offer you only the features you need. We share with you six of our customers' favorite features. Check out all the features if you're interested.

Call history

You can access all the call history in Hipcall. You can also filter your calls as answered, unanswered, calls from last month, or calls that are associated with a specific user.


You can provide your callers different dialing options. For example, 'Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Customer Support'. Our IVR system can detect invalid key pressing and inform the caller.

Calling Groups

In Hipcall, you can transfer calls to users based on your preferences. With the options of transferring calls randomly or transferring it to the agent with least talk time.

Missed call notification

If the caller can’t contact an agent from your team, you can receive a notification and create a report for it.

Webphone - CTI

Hipcall provides an integrated web phone system which means you don’t have to use an IP phone, or a softphone to make calls. You can easily call people in your contacts list with a single click.


You can tag your calls and create a report with the tags. For example, using the tags like 'complaint' and 'product x', you can filter the complaint calls for a specific product.