Campaign Monitor + Hipcall Integration

Campaign Monitor

An email marketing platform that helps you to manage lists and subscribers, send emails, and track campaign results.

When this happens (Triggers)

Do this (Actions)

Create task
Creates a new task.
Update task
Updates an existing task.
Create contact
Creates a new contact.
Update contact
Updates an existing contact.
Create company
Creates a new company.
Update company
Updates an existing company.
Create deal
Creates a new deal.
Update deal
Updates an existing deal.
Call init
When a call start.
Call hangup
When the call hangup.
Create callback
When the caller create a new callback request.
Campaign Monitor
New Subscriber
Triggers when a new subscriber is added to a list
Campaign Monitor
Subscriber Update
Triggers when a subcriber is updated.
Campaign Monitor
Subscriber De-activate
Triggers when a subcriber is deactivated
Campaign Monitor
Add Subscriber
Adds a subscriber to an existing subscriber list.
Campaign Monitor
Update Subscriber
Updates a subscriber to an existing subscriber list.
Campaign Monitor
Changes the status of an active subscriber to an unsubscribed subscriber.
Campaign Monitor
Create List
Creates a new list into which subscribers can be added.
Create task (Coming soon)
Creates a new task.
Create contact (Coming soon)
Creates a new contact.
Create company (Coming soon)
Creates a new company.