Setup your sales management software in 15 minutes.

Hipcall helps you increase your sales. It meets the need for a sales funnel, tracking opportunities, user-based reports and many more.

Sales Management Software

Increase Your Sales with Active Tracking Method

Success in sales happens with tracking. With Hipcall, you can easily follow the sales process of your team. You can also generate a 360-degree report.

Sales funnels

Using sales funnels in Hipcall, you can easily track a sales process from the very beginning to the moment that the deal is closed. You can also get a report of sales issues and why the deals are lost to analyze your sales process.

Deal tracking

You can view all emails, phone calls, tasks and notes related to a deal on the same screen.

Sales widgets

You can get a total number, total amount, user-based report of all sales that are created, closed and lost in a certain period of time. You can compare it with the previous period.

Sales tasks

You can create a task for yourself or for your other team members about the deals. Using the tasks, you can track your sales easily and be more organized at work.