Working in Callcenter - Tasks to Success

Gain insights into working in a call center. Learn about job responsibilities, skills and tips for success.

Working in Callcenter - Tasks to Success
Working in Callcenter - Tasks to Success

Call Center Guide: Short Explanation

Why do businesses need call centers?

Call Center is a department for communication between customers or potential customers to working in a call center employees. These centers it is just cover telephone calls. It manages incoming and outgoing telephone calls by working in a call center employees and it directs calls between departments.

The technology has improved, phone calls are still the most used tool for customers. When they have a problem, people’s first choice is to call the call center. For this reason, companies should have effective working in a call center.

Companies do not just use to communicate with customers, they have a lot of useful functions. When the employees working in a call center, their other missions are that offer customers support, handle and solve customers’ complaints, carry out telemarketing, provide technical service, including lead generation, a survey for determining the market or company, and conducting market research. Herewith, it affects the other departments and creates resources for other departments. For these reasons, companies need to working in a call center.

Types of Call Center


The inbound call center is that incoming calls make to customers’ call centers. This communication demand creates by customers. The purpose of these calls can be to get customer service, request technical support, make a reservation or create a request to meet any of the customer’s needs.

Since a communication request is made by the customer, the customer should contact the working in a call center as soon as possible. Otherwise, customer dissatisfaction occurs from the inability of customers to reach working in a call center employee in a short time. For this reason, it is important to have enough call center employees, to connect the customer to the call center, and to solve the problem from the first call of the customer.


The outbound call center is that made by the working in the call center employee to the customer. The main purpose of these calls is not just to “sell”. The actual main purpose of the outbound call center is to keep the communication with the existing customer alive, provide customer engagement, and find a solution when a problem occurs on any side. When a potential customer receives an outbound call, the outbound call is aimed at promoting the company and its products and services, and telemarketing.

To explain in more detail; outbound calls have many functions such as customer service surveys, informing customers about the company’s new campaigns, telemarketing, meeting the company’s existing customers, informing about the features of the product and service, informing customers about the status of their previous complaints, resolving customers’ complaints about pending invoices…

One of the most important factors is that the customer says they don’t want to be called again, remove them from the companies outbound list and never call again. Because it is not legal to call again after the customer has declared to a call center employee that he or she does not want to be called. The customer gains the right to sue the company. Other factors are that search-oriented content is created based on the reason for the outbound call. Working in a call center employees should not leave this content framework. Because if outbound calls content goes outside the framework, the outbound call aim’s will be damaged and it will not effective.

Working from Home

Working from home is that working in a call center where employees work with a home-office system instead of positioning them in a single center. Working from home is becoming a system among businesses worldwide. Working from home allows them to work from anywhere and build a more diverse working in a call center. These call centers use software that distributes calls to employees working in various locations. In addition, the company is responsible for providing work materials to its employees. The company supplies all the tools the worker needs, including a headset, microphone, and even a computer.

The purpose of working from home is that companies want to be able to provide 24/7 service. In this way, it can work its employees in many shifts. It can easily create the work plan of its workers and easily set up the 24/7 system. It is also a cost-effective application. Because it does not have to pay food and travel fees to its employees and the company does not need to reserve a separate space for the department.

Working in a Call Center

Tasks & Responsibilities

Help customers at more than one channel (e-mail, live chat, phone etc..)

Customers call the first call center as a first habit and they want to be connected to the working in a call center person. Unfortunately, the company has a capacity and may have to keep its customers waiting due to high demand.

  • If the customer’s demand or complaint can be solved via the website or application, you can express it to the customer. It would also be effective if you say that the process will be much easier and faster.
  • If the customer has chosen one of the quick actions, you can anticipate what they might request. You can base the customer choice and you can direct customers to different channels by putting information recordings instead of playing music in the waiting system. Thus, you can make you realize that you can communicate with us through different channels.

Offer Personalized Solutions

Working in a call center employee can see the customer profile in the system when she or he communicates with the customer. When the demand is written into the system using keywords, the software system can produce personalized solutions that are compatible with the customer profile and that the company policies can meet at a common point. Working in a call center employees can present these solutions to the customer.

Create a great customer experience.

First call Solution” is very important for customers. Because customers want to be able to reach the solutions at once, if they can’t, there will be customer dissatisfaction and their attitude towards the company will change. For this reason, it is important to offer easy and permanent solution options to the customer. In addition, offering more than one option increases the customer’s trust in the company and customer satisfaction.

Another factor is the voice, pronunciation, attitude, and behavior of the working in a call center employee. When the customer calls the call center, they want to be taken care of. You should meet expectations and you should satisfy your customer. For this reason, it is very important to create a great customer experience for the customer. It affects the customer’s attitude towards the company and brand value.

Document and respond to process

Trust is very important in relationships. For this reason, companies should implement a transparent policy towards their customers. When the customer performs any transaction in the call center, you should send the document of the transaction as an e-mail. Another option is to send an SMS containing the transaction number. Also, you can send the link to the website that direct displays the process it has done in SMS content. In this way, customers can view the process they have done more easily, they can check and they can notice if there is a problem.

Be solution-oriented

The purpose of calling the customer call center is to create a demand. The purpose of the call center is to provide the customer with a solution in the face of this demand. The customer wants to reach this solution in the shortest way and effectively. Therefore, a call center should be dynamic and solution-oriented.

The company’s software system and customer data analysis should be suitable for this. As a result, working in a call center employees cannot offer a solution to the customer according to his or her own opinion. Therefore, when a problem is transferred to the IT system by working in a call center employees, the system should show a few solutions according to a certain framework. Also, working in a call center employees should be calm and focused on understanding the customer. In this way, they determined the demand and they can exhibit a solution-oriented attitude and guide the customer.

Get enough information about the product or service

  • If a call center employee is not knowledgeable about the company’s products and services, how can he offer a solution to the customer or how can he market the company to the customer? At the same time, working in a call center employee who does not have a good command of the company’s products or services damages the brand’s image. Because one of the most important factors representing a brand is employees. It makes the customer think that the brand is of low value and of poor quality.

  • When the customer makes a transaction, she or he wants to reach an absolute solution. Not having full knowledge of products or services may lead to misdirection of the customer. This leads to loss of customers or damage to brand credibility.

Improve your communication skills

In order to improve communication skills, companies must first be careful in the recruitment process. For potential employees, they can test whether they are suitable for the job. Because working in a call center employees may encounter many different stereotypes during the day. This situation can be worn out over time for employees and the psychology of the potential employees may not be suitable for it. As a character, she or he may not behave calmly in every situation. For this reason, personality tests are important for potential employees in the recruitment process.

Working in a call center employees represent the company. Because they communicate directly with the customer on behalf of the company. Certain training may be provided before workers begin work. Training can be provided on the company’s IT system, pronunciation, attitude towards customers or what to do in an emergency. In this way, employees learn how to behave to customers and more effective communication can be established.


The Call Center is a department that provides communication between customers or potential customers and the company. Working with call center employees, she or he manages incoming and outgoing phone calls and directs interdepartmental calls.

There are three types of call centers. Inbound, outbound, and working from home.

  • Inbound: Manages incoming calls. Customers call the company and customer requests are solved.
  • Outbound: Manages outgoing calls. The company wants to communicate with customers. These calls can have many purposes.
  • Working from home: Minimizes working in a call center system. It provides a home-office working environment for employees and facilitates 24/7 call center service for the company.

Working in a call center is a complex structure. It also provides a great resource and feedback to the company. For this reason, it is important for the company. It requires many tasks and responsibilities. For instance,

  • Help customers at more than one channel
  • Offer Personalized Solutions
  • Create a great customer experience.
  • Document and respond to process
  • Be solution-oriented
  • Get enough information about the product or service
  • Improve your communication skills

If you want to learn the key success factors of Call Center, you can read another blog post about What are call center metrics? 8 Effective Features of Call Center Metrics.



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