What is a Call Center? 2 Types of Calls

Learn about different types of call centers and their feature.See which type is best suited for your business.

What is a Call Center? 2 Types of Calls
What is a Call Center? 2 Types of Calls

What is a Call Center?

In this blog post, we are answering the question “What is a call center?”.A call center is a department of a company that receives a call and makes a call and communicates with the customers Call center can manage and solve their problems, support them about products or sell the products. Strong relationships are created by establishing professional communication between businesses and their customers through the call center. These services, which make customers happier, more loyal, and closer to buying products, are known as the most obvious method of generating more income for businesses and retaining customers. There are two main types of calls or interactions: inbound calls and outbound calls.

What is an inbound and outbound call?

These types of calls are the most important ones:

Inbound Calls

When customers have a problem or ask a question about your product, they call your call center and it is inbound calls. Inbound calls are centers that respond to calls made by customers to businesses. Incoming calls in such call centers mostly cover all the businesses that are important for businesses such as obtaining information from customer representatives about the product or related subject, seeking solutions to their problems, requesting action, or purchasing products/services.

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Outbound Calls

When your team has data and makes calls according to that data, it is outbound calls. Your team only makes calls and for example, sells a product or makes a satisfaction survey. Outbound calls are call centers that make calls. The customer representative who will make the call in such call centers has certain information about the customer. It acts in line with the data it has in its possession and performs the main purpose of the operation. Most of the Outbound Call centers are sales or information oriented. They always reach out to the most potential customers based on the information they have and try to turn these customers into real customers or to include them in a campaign.

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What tools do you need to build a call center?

IVR System

If you have a proper IVR system, your customers who call you will not hang up easily, and he/she will be happy to connect to related agent fast. You need an IVR system to manage and direct your calls correctly.

Measure Agents Call Statistics

There has to be a system that you can see all your call data. How many calls do you receive or make or how long it takes for your agent to talk to a customer or solve a problem on the phone.

Supervision and Monitoring for Calls

The manager or the authorized person wants to see check and listen to the calls. That way he/she can measure and follow the calls type and improve the quality of calls.

What is the purpose of use of call centers?

  1. Telemarketing: It helps that you can reach people who don’t know your company and product and introduce your company and promote your product.
  2. The Market Research: You can make your market research and find out people’s reactions to your product.
  3. After-sales service: When the customer buys your product, your agents can help when the customer needs help with your product.

Sectors that have call centers:

  • Finance/Banks
  • Health Care/ Hospitals
  • Tourism Companies
  • Airline Companies
  • Ministries
  • E-commerce Companies
  • Export/Import Companies
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Sofware Companies
  • Media Companies
  • Energy Companies
  • Logistic Companies
  • Private Schools
  • Online Markets
  • Automotive industry

In this blog post, we answered the question of what is a call center. Did you find this article helpful? Let us know by leaving a comment below. If you want you can also read more about What Call Center is.


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