Virtual Phone Number 101 - How It Works

Learn about virtual phone numbers and their advantages for businesses. Discover how to set it up and use.

Virtual Phone Number 101 - How It Works
Virtual Phone Number 101 - How It Works

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

With the advancement of technology, mobile phone has become an integral part of everyone. It is necessary to have a phone number in order to benefit from the applications and many features. It is a telephone line without being directly associated with the telephone number. A virtual phone number works over the internet. It is used to make calls like any other phone number. It is not tied to anything physical. Calls to a virtual number can be set to forward to mobile devices, physical office phones, softphones on computers, and other phone numbers.

The technology used for virtual numbers is called Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. It is a routing system. In addition to these features, it is ideal for recording voice messages and sharing the same number with other people. Businesses use the virtual number system a lot. It can also be used for individual purposes. Especially, virtual phone numbers are required when you run an eCommerce store or small business. It gives customers a quick way to contact you.

Benefits of Virtual Phone Number

  • The benefits of a virtual phone number are many. Does not require additional hardware. Even the installation or maintenance process is easy. Thus, its cost is very low compared to traditional methods.
  • Virtual phone number is very advanced in terms of technology. It provides great convenience for businesses to manage their business.
  • It has many features such as smart call forwarding, cross-platform call transfer, managing after-hours calls.
  • Virtual phone number is especially useful for global companies and companies that are not single-centered. It helps you simplify the distance selling process.
  • Such facilitation and acceleration of communication keeps the bond between customers and companies tight. The fact that the company is accessible strengthens the bond of trust.
  • Virtual phone numbers provide a complete view of your business interactions across multiple channels.
  • It allows you to record professional messages that greet your customers when they call. You can even improve the customer experience with sounds like music during the welcome or hold.
  • Cyber ​​attacks happen a lot these days. With the virtual number system, you can keep your conversation confidential and secure.
  • If there is a missed call, you can receive an e-mail or it can be answered automatically.
  • It can be integrate Customer Relationship Management.

How Does a Virtual Number System Work?

With a virtual phone number, companies can do many things. As we mentioned in our article, it is difficult to use traditional methods for businesses operating in more than one place. There may be gaps in the workforce. However, with this system, a bond is created between people working in different places. Calls arrive at the correct destination regardless of location. Even employees working from home can access the same system. With this system, the possibility of using multiple devices is eliminated.

It increases productivity and accessibility. For example, you can use the virtual number system in the analysis of sales-marketing campaigns. In this process, you can measure how many searches, inquiries and leads it generates. You can make calls over the internet from the virtual number. Calls can be made from a phone or laptop over the Internet with a software application.

There are different methods to obtain this number.

  • Local phone numbers: Based on specific geographic areas, also known as toll centers or area codes.
  • Toll-free numbers: These are special numbers starting with 800, 888, 866 and other toll-free numbers.
  • Special numbers: These are catchy, catchy numbers like 1-800-COMPANY NAME.

Examples of Virtual Phone Number Providers

Many VoIP providers offer virtual phone numbers. Examples include:

  • Google Voice: Google Voice is telecommunications system. The service is a web-based application that provides free voice and video communication between computers worldwide. With Google Voice, you get a single phone number that works on smartphones, the web, and landlines. You can access to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages. You are not tied to a physical device. The company you work for can also give you a number.
  • Grasshopper: It is an application that provides virtual numbers to small businesses. Gives a phone number that can be used on many devices. It allows you to make multiple calls at the same time. Your team can work in multiple channels. You can enjoy the advantages of having a virtual phone number.

Regular Phone Numer

The regular phone was connected to a specific device. This phone is designed to work with a single telephone line connected by physical telephone cables from telecom operators to the telephone unit. To add flexibility, the on-premises PBX relies on business phone numbers to forward calls. But this still did not bring much flexibility. It was confined to the building. installed and provided by the local telephone company. Telephone companies assign these lines to the street address of the place where they are installed. It is not a suitable option for every office or every company.

Differences Between Virtual and Regular Phone Numbers

Unlike traditional methods, the virtual phone number is not physically tied to a place. There is no specific phone or device. This provides flexibility to all users. Because there is no restrictive phone line, businesses can manage their calls from anywhere. All you need is the internet and your device. Again, because of this feature, it is very easy to obtain the virtual phone number. It can be purchased instantly. There is no waiting and connecting time that can take weeks like a regular phone. You can eliminate expensive add-ons and fees with local phone numbers.


In our article, we talked about many topics such as the benefits, differences and advantages of the virtual phone number. With these features, you can have the advanced features of enterprise-level phone systems with the flexibility and mobility of web-based tools at affordable prices. Traditional phone systems do not include these powerful call forwarding features. With the virtual phone number system, companies take a professional step with a great impression and customer support. It provides uninterrupted lines of communication with its customers. The popularity of virtual phone numbers has increased. You can make the choices that are suitable for you and switch to the virtual number.

If you want to learn detailed information about phone systems, call center and VoIP, you can take a look at our other blog posts.


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