The 6 Benefits of Telecommuting

Explore advantages of telecommuting such as work-life balance, increased productivity, reduced costs.

The 6 Benefits of Telecommuting
The 6 Benefits of Telecommuting

The ways of working in business life are very diverse. It can be part-time, full-time, freelance. However, the coronavirus, or Covid-19 disease, which affected the whole world, increased the way of working remotely in business life. Telecommuting entered our lives. Some companies, government departments are new to this way of working. Telecommuting, which has many benefits, looks like it will stay in our lives for a while. In this article, we will talk about what is telecommuting and what are its advantages.

What is Telecommuting?

Years ago, telecommuting might have seemed like a dream, but now the way most businesses work has changed. With “social distancing” becoming a necessity in many places, employers’ transition to telework has changed many things. It allows employees to work and communicate with each other without going to a head office. With this system, individuals who carry out their business carry out their responsibilities within a certain system at certain times of the day.

Developing and changing technology has also had many effects on working life. Conference and meeting applications, software that makes collaboration possible. Thus, things are more dynamic and can be handled quickly compared to the normal working system. But there are things to be aware of and it should not be forgotten that you are at work.

We will give tips to keep motivation high. There should be a separate corner for work at home as much as possible. It can be a clean tidy table and a comfortable chair. It can be a good idea to set a daily routine to experience the seriousness of the office at home. For example, there may be a certain daily coffee time. Try to keep communication active with your colleagues. Being easily accessible will prevent potential problems. Try to do your daily household chores outside of your working hours. If you try to do these, your telecommuting process can become more enjoyable.

Why is It Preferred?

Telecommuting has increased with the modernizing workplaces and the development of technology. Being able to work without being dependent on the physical environment has changed many things. Considering this fast-paced life today, time is precious. The lack of time spent in traffic is a huge advantage. More free time and a better work/life balance are created. There are also advantages for employers. For example, more satisfied and comfortable working of employees increases productivity. There are many reasons why employers and employees choose this system.

The pandemic was also very effective in this preference process. With the increasing cases, many workplaces were closed and they continued their work from home. In this process, many arrangements were made, and things were always improved. And as a result, some companies have permanently switched to this system. We will talk about the benefits of telecommuting below and it will be clearer why it is preferred.

Benefits of Telecommuting

Telecommuting has many benefits. Telecommuting can be a powerful recruiting and retention tool for employers in a competitive job market. The remote working system accelerates the operation of companies. It is a more efficient working system, especially in technology sectors such as informatics. Now other sectors are also affected by this. It may even result in more business potential. Considering the advantages and disadvantages, it is possible to have detailed information about remote working, which is often preferred. Now We will describe some of the many benefits of telecommuting.

Increase Productivity

Focus is very important for employees. In the telecommuting system, on the other hand, people work more comfortably because they are in their own environment. A quieter environment has a positive effect on business. Distracting office events do not occur. Like instant meetings, conversations with other people in the office. Therefore, productivity increases. Increased employee productivity affects the future of the company well. This creates a better work environment.

Reduce Cost

The remote working system reduces the cost for both the employer and the employee. The employer would not have paid the fees such as travel and meals. Employees, on the other hand, are freed from the extra cost of being outside all day. Office rent, office supplies, transportation, etc. costs can be a serious burden for employers. It is possible to save costs with this system.

Easy to Focus

Since the telecommuting system is a home environment, it becomes easier to focus. As we mentioned in the section on productivity increases, it is easier to work in a quiet environment without unnecessary noise. Focusing can be facilitated by taking mini-breaks during working hours. In addition, creating a tidy working environment, such as a clean desk to work at, causes more concentrated work than the office.

Employee Satisfaction

This way of working has many benefits for employees. Bad situations such as the way to work and the money spent every day, being at the desk all day, and the disruption of the meal order due to being outside are prevented. These situations affect the motivation of the employees and worsen their business conduct. With this working system, all these problems can be avoided and employee satisfaction will increase. Works carried out within the comfort zone, without being tied to an office environment, are always carried out with a higher motivation and more away from stress.


The biggest plus is that working hours can be spread flexibly throughout the day. Everything that needs to be done is done with a sense of responsibility. In this way, employees spare time for what they need to do outside of work and do not have to ask for leave. The time spent with the family also becomes quality. When the schedule for the day is made, it becomes easier to handle the things in life outside of business life. This also makes employees feel comfortable.

Saving Time

Staying in traffic, traveling long distances to work, etc. These situations lead to the deterioration of motivation in the morning hours, which are the most productive hours. In addition, there is no such thing as going out for lunch. For these reasons, people earn hours from their lives. Telecommuting offers a better quality of life.


This system, which is popular with the pandemic, seems to continue even more. Better quality work can be done by establishing order at home. It has many benefits as we wrote above. Employees work without leaving the comfort of their home environment with benefits such as social security and regular payment.



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