Outbound Sales - Effect of Virtual Phone

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Outbound Sales - Effect of Virtual Phone
Outbound Sales - Effect of Virtual Phone

What is Outbound Sales?

Outbound sales is a sales strategy that we find potential leads who have no idea that we exist as a company. There are a couple of ways to do outbound sales. You can call directly and give information about your product ask they need it or not. Or you can send bulk emails and if the potential lead returns your email you can contact and answer the question about your product. The important thing is about outbound sales is you need to reach the potential lead when they return your outbound sales quickly. But which way is easy to communicate with your potential lead? Does a virtual phone system really help your outbound sales?

What is a Virtual Phone System?

A virtual phone system is a communications service that helps your calls via an internet connection. This system allows users to receive incoming and make outgoing calls via a mobile application, a desktop application, or an IP desk phone. Actually, a virtual phone system has been today’s communication system now.

Organizations usually use virtual phone systems because they allow them to save money on hardware, installation, maintenance, and other costs. They also offer a variety of advantages over a traditional phone system. For example, they reduce the need for employees to remember extensions or information about callers; they make it easier for employees to see who is calling them and what their current call status is, and they provide more options when it comes to routing calls.

How does a Virtual Phone System Help Your Outbound Sales?

It’s important to communicate quickly and easily with leads returning your calls or email. Today’s communication system is now a virtual phone system. There are several ways to connect with your leads. They may want a demonstration of your product. Well, what are you going to do then? That’s the time the virtual phone system comes to rescue you. As long as having an internet connection, it will be easy to make a demonstration with your lead.

What will you gain with a virtual phone system for your outbound sales?

  • You can simply make a phone call wherevere you are.
  • You can make a conntection via chat.
  • You can make a video call.
  • You can make a demonstration via video call.

How will you do this with Hipcall?

  • Your team can easily share contact information like phone number, email, notes with Hipcall. All communication data is in one place.
  • Hipcall is VoIP and a cloud base phone system. You don’t need any device to use our phone system. You just need the internet and a browser.
  • Empower your agents to deliver a great customer experience or close deals. Monitor your SLA and other metrics.
  • No downloads needed. Hop on meetings right from your browser, or the app.
  • Integration with Whatsapp and Messenger
  • Have a instant chat for your website


Reaching your customers and making your sales with an effective outbound sales technique is not that difficult. But you know that you need to work harder on your outbound sales and improve your techniques. Although it may be a difficult strategy for your company, with it you can gain very loyal customers in the long run and you may be less at risk of losing these customers. Because while selling to your customer, you went to him by taking into account his needs and wishes, and your customer felt more valuable in this way. As a result, companies that know our area of interest and offer campaigns accordingly are always one step ahead for us.

At the same time, we mentioned that you can make your sales more easily with a virtual phone and that it can be easier to promote your products and your own company wherever you are. It will be very easy and fast to make outbound sales over a virtual phone with an internet connection. For example, by making a video meeting with your potential customers who are interested in your products, you can introduce your product to them and persuade them to buy as you wish, or as we mentioned above, you can make this meeting even if you are not in the office and increase your sales. A virtual phone can be the biggest helper for your outbound sales.


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