Wachete + Hipcall Integration


Wachete is a tool that monitors any webpage for changes and sends you a notification each time the content has changed.

When this happens (Triggers)

Do this (Actions)

Create task
Creates a new task.
Update task
Updates an existing task.
Create contact
Creates a new contact.
Update contact
Updates an existing contact.
Create company
Creates a new company.
Update company
Updates an existing company.
Create deal
Creates a new deal.
Update deal
Updates an existing deal.
Call init
When a call start.
Call hangup
When the call hangup.
Create callback
When the caller create a new callback request.
New Notification
Triggers for a new notification in Wachete
Create Single Page Wachete
Creates a single page wachete.
Create Portal Wachete
Creates a portal wachete.
Create task (Coming soon)
Creates a new task.
Create contact (Coming soon)
Creates a new contact.
Create company (Coming soon)
Creates a new company.