What is Video Call? Benefits of Videocall

We'll explore the benefits of video calls and how they have become an essential tool for modern communication.

What is Video Call? Benefits of Videocall
What is Video Call? Benefits of Videocall

Lately, the most popular communication method is a video conference. This method is very practical and useful. Many companies start to video call. Especially because of the pandemic, it is easier to make a video conference with your employees, students, patients, etc. But the important questions are which sector should choose video conference, what the benefits of video call. In this blog post, we will try to find answers to these questions; Which sector should choose video conference and what are the benefits of video calls?

What is Video Call?

Video call is a meeting you make on your compatible devices such as your smartphones, tablets, and computers, also the benefits of video calls are so important to your company. We are now in an era where remote working is becoming more and more common, and in this period when most of the employees work remotely, you need to communicate with them quite often to check their work progress, and even if you cannot communicate face-to-face for better quality communication, you can handle your meetings by making video calls.

With the increasing prevalence of computers, internet connection, and efficient virtual communication solutions, it is possible to communicate in real-time with your employees, business partners, or team in different locations. In addition, many of the devices and applications that support video call support screen sharing, so you can streamline your presentations using a simple, unified video call solution. Thus, you will gain many benefits for your business thanks to the calls you make regardless of the distance.

Which Sectors Prefer Video Call?

For some sectors, it is essential to choose video calls for their business. And the benefits of video calls are so important for them. Because when they can not meet in person, video conferences solve this situation. It is easy and fast. Let’s examine the sectors.

Call Centers

If you have a call center for your company, it is a good opportunity that you can able to make e a video conference and the benefits of video call is very special for you. Your call center representatives can easily understand your customers by meeting with video calls, identify their demands and needs and produce solutions according to their problems, and this will increase the problem-solving percentage for your company.

Export and Import Companies

For companies working in this sector, meeting face-to-face with customers from different countries or with your business partners is both time-consuming and quite expensive for you because you need to buy tickets and make reservations to pay for other expenses such as hotel and travel. You will be able to have a real-time conversation with the owner of the imported product with a single click, so your time will be up to you, and you will work more efficiently, and this will cost much less.

SaaS (Software as a service) Companies

Since SaaS companies are already related to technology and software, video calls will be very beneficial for them, so the benefits of video calls are so important for them. For example, when your customer has a problem and your representative makes a video call with the customer, they can easily share their screens and show the problem they are experiencing or give feedback, so that your representatives can understand your customers’ problems faster and thus produce solutions more quickly, thus increasing your customer satisfaction.

Healthcare Sector

As the pandemic started to spread and we were all confined to our homes, videoconferencing with patients became very important and healthier. Doctors started to make video calls when they could not visit their patients even though they were required to follow up. In this way, they can easily communicate with each other. Also, doctors can video call and share screens with other doctors and share patient reports, x-rays, etc. can show. One of the benefits of video calls is to save much more time for everyone.


Wherever and whenever you are, learning or teaching with video conferences has become more accessible than in ancient times. That’s why the benefits of video calls are essential for the education sector. Especially due to the pandemic, schools continued to conduct their classes with online education and video call was a savior for both teachers and students. With video conferences, teachers can reach students even if they are from different cities or countries. And instantly, students can ask their questions at the same time, or they can watch it later as it is recorded.

The Benefits of Video Calls

More Productive

It is possible to use your time more efficiently with video calls, because by using video calls for your meetings, you will not waste time going to the office or meeting place, and you can easily participate from your location. In this way, you can spend your time on the road by working or taking time for yourself, so you will have a much more productive life.

Better Communication

One of the benefits of video calls is better communication. Video call is a much more advantageous method for you to communicate than a voice call. When you have a meeting with a video call, your attendees will benefit more and grasp it more effectively than if you had the meeting with audio and video.

Participant Increases

Bringing all of your employees together and holding meetings or short talks will be difficult due to their busyness. However, since video call saves you time, your employees can join your calls from their compatible devices without wasting time. In this way, it not only increases the meeting participation rates but also provides a kind of flexibility to record the meeting for those who do not attend the meeting.

More Learning Opportunities

One of the benefits of video calls is online training. Nowadays, getting an education on online platforms has become very popular, cheap, and easy. That’s why you can make free and timeless online training and conferences for your employees using video calls. Thus, your employees will have the opportunity to develop themselves further.


In this post, we will tell you what video calls are and the benefits of video calls. In summary, video calls/conferences are today’s technology that we should make use of because, as we mentioned, it is easy, practical, and fast. In addition, it is not very expensive, so it will not be an extra costly method for you. Also, calls made with video calls do not take time. Another advantage is that you can reach more people at the same time with a video call. In short, by keeping up with today’s technology, you can make your meetings and meetings using video calls.

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