What is CTI? 4 Useful Function of It

Learn about CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and its role in streamlining communication processes.

What is CTI? 4 Useful Function of It
What is CTI? 4 Useful Function of It

What is CTI?

CTI is known as computer telephony integration, that mostly preferred by call centers, which means any technology can be integrated into computers to communicate via telephones. This allows that computer and telephony systems can be integrated and work together.

With Computer Telephony Integration, the agents don’t need to have a physical phone to communicate. The agents use the phone system on their computer easily, by using on-screen controls for telephony functions such as receiving and making calls, transferring calls, etc.

It is basically an easy way to communicate via computer without having any physical phone. Wherever you are, as long as you have your computer and internet connection, you will manage your phone system.

Generally, this system is preferred mostly by call centers. But after the pandemic, every company which wants to remote work can prefer its.

What Is a Computer Telephony Integration Strategy?

Its strategy is a plan for integrating remote business services through the use of voice, video, and data connections.

This type of strategy is important because it can make an enterprise more productive and efficient by unifying communications and information systems. The right IT infrastructure strategy also improves the employee experience with better collaboration tools and applications.

IT infrastructure can also be used to integrate with point-of-sale systems or automation software. Computer Telephony Integration. involves digital technologies that help make the customer experience more personal, relevant, and positive. It is important to create its strategy because it will help reduce costs and increase productivity in any company that uses these technologies.

Benefits of its in Your Business

Computer Telephony Integration is a business growth strategy that helps your company grow by connecting it with the customer. It is a set of processes that includes customer service and support, marketing, sales, and customer experience. It also involves automating some business processes or functions to save time and effort. The benefits of it in your business are vast. It means you have an interactive interface, you can manage everything from one place, and customer service is more efficient.

4 Useful Function of Its

Screen Popping

This is a particular function that allows you to see the caller’s information via a software program. Screen popping helps you not only to see the callers’ information but also can answer the call or make a call.

Dialing / Automated Dialing

This function allows click-to-call, autodialers, power dial, preview dial, and predictive dial.

Phone Controls

This function allows call control like answering, hanging up, holding the call, call forwarding, etc.

Call Routing/Transferring

With the IVR system, you can transfer your call in a professional way via Computer Telephony Integration It basically transfers your call to the related agent computer.

How Hipcall can help you?

Hipcall is a communication system that you can find all of them in one platform. As long as you have a computer with an internet connection wherever you are, you can work remotely and connect with your customers.

What will you have with Hipcall?

  • You will manage you communication system in one platrom.
  • You can easily see all the agenst and their status like online, busy etc.
  • You will be able to see the waiting call line.
  • You can take a note about that call
  • You can record your call, listen and analyze
  • You can make a video call using the web browser
  • You can see the chat system on your website.

All these features and more like these will be able to manage in one platform. The managers or the agents will easily control the calls.


Although call centers prefer it, as we mentioned, anyone who works remotely can use it. You can use it to increase the productivity of your employees, especially in this period when remote working is quite common. In addition, as it will provide you with many benefits such as call transfer, call forwarding, recording your calls, it will reduce the stress of your employees by managing the heavy call traffic in your business and save you from this mess, and you will continue to work by focusing without interrupting your own workflow. In this way, you will have more satisfied, and more loyal customers, so the communication between you and them will be stronger.


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