What are Call Center Metrics? 8 Features

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What are Call Center Metrics? 8 Features
What are Call Center Metrics? 8 Features

What are call center metrics?

In this blog post, we are trying to explain the question ” What are call center metrics? “. For a successful call center, you need some call center metrics to accomplish. These metrics are important to make your KPI. Accurate data is essential to successfully maintaining a call center. With the busy call traffic that happens every day, it can be quite difficult to understand what’s going on without meaningful measurements. This makes it very important to choose the right metrics. Because when you choose to focus on a specific KPI, you can easily see that this metric represents an important reality in your business. So, let’s look at what are call center metrics;

What are Call Center Metrics Features?

First Call Resolution

It is a call center performance data that shows the ratio of contacts resolved at the first call made with the customer and that does not require a repeat call, to all contacts. There is no need for an agent to transfer a call, there is no follow-up after the call, and the customer has customers who report that their problem has been resolved after the first call and the first-call resolution of customer issues also streamlines your call traffic and prevents interruptions due to congestion. Also, quickly resolving an issue without a customer callback gives you a great customer experience. In this way, you also measure the success of your call center and the performance of your representative.

Service Level

It is performance data that indicates what percentage of incoming calls are met below the specified target time. It can also be calculated with different formulas and this measurement determines whether the overall call center performance is reliable. Moreover, this service level is developed by the company through training of representatives, process improvement, and upgrading of the technology used. Also called Telephone Service Factor or TSF. Handling incoming calls within a certain period of time. “Answering X% of incoming calls in Y seconds”.

After Call Work

Post-call process – refers to the work that needs to be done immediately after and due to an incoming transaction type These jobs are mostly in the form of data entry, filling out forms, or making external calls, while the customer representative cannot answer another incoming call. It is also one of the most important processes in the call center and minimizing this process and resolving the issue as soon as possible will give you more time to answer calls. However, over-optimization can lead to deterioration in your customer experience, so it is useful to be in control and planning. Therefore, representatives should receive training by the company accordingly.

Average Handling Time

If you asked what are call center metrics the next feature; is average handling time. AHT, which has been the most common call center metric for years, refers to the Average Talk Time and Average Post-Call Work total for a given time period. And AHT includes waiting times as well as post-call tasks. In addition to this, your representatives can be trained for better product knowledge and can be developed by having a good command of call center software.

Average Speed of Answer

The term includes the average phone ring time, average talk time, and average post-call total work within a given time frame. But this metric does not include the time spent directing your customers to the appropriate queue or the time they spend interacting with a voice response system. Also, an important aspect of this metric is that it is closely related to various measures of satisfaction and can highlight greater challenges than long wait times.

Average Time to Abandonment

Your customers always want to reach you quickly and easily, but if they can’t reach you in a short time, they don’t wait for you to answer the call and end their call. It is also referred to as a lost call, it is when the caller hangs up without reaching an agent after joining the queue of customer representatives. During the process that your customers cannot reach you in this way, their loyalty and trust in you will decrease and they will start to leave you and turn to your competitors. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to use a technology that will regulate your call traffic.

Customer Satisfaction

What are call center metrics doing to increase satisfaction? It is the ability of the firm and/or the brand to meet the business, emotional and psychological needs of its customers. And customer satisfaction also means the experience of your customers, what they think, and their commitment to you for your company. Therefore, it is actually one of its most important features and the development of your representatives, especially by receiving training on this subject, will contribute to your customer satisfaction. If you want to read more about customer satisfaction you can check our other blog posts.

Percentage of Blocked Calls

The percentage of blocked calls means the number of customers who get the busy tone when they call. If the percentage is too high, it means that your agents can not help customers, and your customers are distracted by calls or lack of interest. This can create disappointed customers who don’t get the help they need. To prevent this, you should provide your representatives with the necessary training and check their proficiency levels. In addition, you should do your best to have more control over your products.

Average Sales per Agent

The Average Sales Per Agent metric measures the average total sales that agents close in the specified period. This metric helps reach the number of sales your team has closed and you can track the rate at which you meet your goals, so there is no confusion in your representatives’ goals.


In this blog post, we answered the question of what are call center metrics. And we examine what are call center metrics features so you can see these metrics. Also, you show that what are call center metrics provide your business and you can determine your problem, missing points about your team and company, so you can create a solution as these metrics. Did you find this article helpful? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

If you still wondering about what are call center metrics can also read more about call center metrics.


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