VoIP vs Landline - Which System is Better?

Explore the differences between VoIP and landline phone systems. Learn which is better suited for your needs.

VoIP vs Landline - Which System is Better?
VoIP vs Landline - Which System is Better?

About Voice Over IP (VoIP)

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is also called IP, Internet Telephony, and Internet Calling. VoIP is a system that makes it easier for you to communicate by allowing you to make phone calls using an internet connection instead of traditional landlines that uses wires to establish a connection. Also with the comparison that VoIP vs. landlines, you will see that VoIP makes it easier and cheaper to increase the nuöber of phones for your workforce by eliminating your business’s dependence on landlines. In this way, you will communicate more comfortably with your expanding workforce.

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What do you need for a VoIP system?

If you decide to use a VoIP system by comparing VoIP vs. landlines, firstly VoIP uses an internet connection, so you will need an internet connection. You just need to use one of the DSL, cable, or fiber internet connections, In addition, you need a phone to use VoIP, be it an SIP phone, softphone, or analog phone adapter.

If you want to make calls via PC or via your mobile phone, you will need a headset if you prefer a softphone, or if you want to prefer a SIP phone you will need to use a desk phone. If you want to use an analog phone adapter instead of these two phones, an analog phone adapter that works powerfully over VoIP will do your business. To set up a VoIP system, first of all, when comparing, VoIP vs. landlines, it is useful to determine which one is more beneficial for you and which one may be the right choice for your business.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VoIP

VoIP system has become more demanded as technology has improved because needs and requirements have increased and people have started to use more technological systems, but of course, VoIP has many advantages and disadvantages for your company against communication problems. Thanks to these, VoIP vs. landlines will be easier for you to compare because it will help you choose which one you should choose.



VoIP can offer you a cheap and cost-effective offer. Because your calls are made over the internet, you only have to pay for internet access, not for call minutes or extra phone service, so instead of having two separate bills with a phone provider and an internet provider, you can reduce your cost with a single bill. You also, pay minimum charges for international calls while offering free calling opportunities between your company locations. So, VoIP can provide cost-effectiveness for long calls. When comparing the VoIP vs. landlines a multi-line system can be expensive, and additional features such as call transferring, call recording, or queuing can increase your cost.

If you compared VoIP vs. landlines and you decided to use VoIP, there is less hardware to purchase and VoIP hosts do not require new hardware. Since the voice data is sent over the internet, it will also have cost less for those who work remotely, because no matter how far it is, it does not require an extra charge. You can easily make sufficient and distance by using the internet. In other words, as long as your internet provider is sufficient and has broadband, you have the opportunity to make as many calls as you want with VoIP without paying outside of your contract.

Connection anywhere

The business world is growing and developing day by day, so it is very important for your company to be accessible everywhere. Here is the connection anywhere, another advantage of the VoIP system. Thanks to VoIP, whether you are at home, at work, or in a different city, you can easily reach your partners or employees you want to reach for your business by using this technology, as long as you have an internet connection in every location you are in, and they will be able to reach you very easily.

Also, the mobile workforce continues to grow, and being available while you’re away will keep your business flexible. However, your employees can be productive and stay more connected regardless of where they are. In addition, you can talk to your customers on the phone wherever you want, and when they call you, the possibility of not being able to reach you is reduced, so you do not miss the business opportunities that come to you. So, when comparing the VoIP vs. Landlines will be much more functional than landlines thanks to VoIP’s connection everywhere feature.

Sound quality

We all know that our biggest expectation from a phone is the clear transmission of the sound we receive and our own sound. As long as our voice is spoken in quality, some communication problems may disappear. If you compare VoIP vs. landlines you can see that the sound quality of VoIP is better, as long as you have a reliable internet connection, the quality is better compared to regular phone calls. Calls made with the VoIP system offer a service without delays or call interruptions. Thanks to VoIP, which is a solution to phone and voice interruptions, your calls will be of better quality. When you compare VoIP vs. landlines you can see more clearly that difference.


VoIP systems provide advanced features to support your company’s needs and improve the experience between you and your customers and the productivity of your employees. Here is one of the best advantages of VoIP compared to VoIP vs. landlines are the features it offers such as call forwarding, call recording, call queues and call transfer. These features are designed with you, your employees, and your business in mind, allowing you to increase your productivity and reduce unnecessary time on the phone by not disrupting your workflow thanks to calling forwarding.

Many plans that you benefit from VoIP systems offer you the opportunity to make video calls and collective video meetings. You can also record your calls and meetings. Its other features can make your meetings more accessible with captions and transcripts, or your employees can chat during meetings. When compared VoIP vs. landlines when using landlines you need to use other platforms for many advanced features, but with VoIP, you get everything in one platform.


Internet dependence

If you compare VoIP vs. landlines is a technology that works with VoIP internet and is connected to the internet, which is a disadvantage compared to landlines. Also, the speed, quality, and security of your internet connection are very important factors for the VoIP system. As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to use VoIP from your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer, but the internet connection of these devices must be fiber or wide network connection, otherwise, you may experience interruptions when your internet is cut off. You must have a strong and reliable internet connection if you want to ensure good sound quality and avoid dropped calls.

About Landlines

Landlines are a traditional telephone system, a device with a physical line connection to a telecommunications network, and operate via copper wires from the telecommunications company to the premises, which is somewhat messy but reliable. It is a type of line that you can use at your home or workplace, with a subscription, which no one but you can cancel. Also, you cannot carry the landline to any place other than your home or workplace. Landline is a tried and tested technology, but when compared VoIP vs. landlines is an old technology that has seen little improvement in recent years.



Today, we contact almost all kinds of communication via the internet, but unfortunately, we have difficulties in communicating when we do not have an internet connection. When compared to VoIP vs. landlines, while VoIP uses the internet to provide a connection and communicate, landlines allow you to communicate without being connected to the internet, so even if the internet is cut off at your office, you can easily make calls using it as long as you have landlines. In this way, when your customers want to contact you, they can reach you without any interruption, which is a very important benefit for your business.


Reliability is an important issue for all of us and a must for a phone call. This is a much more important issue, especially if you have a business where you frequently meet with your customers. If you compare VoIP vs. landlines, you can see that landlines use connection cables, so your calls won’t drop by themselves. In this way, both your productivity will be better and your customers will not have a problem reaching you. Also, in the event of a natural disaster or bad weather conditions, the landlines are less likely to be cut and operate more easily, or even if they break down, they can be easily repaired.


High costs

We explained above why VoIP costs less. Now we can compare VoIP vs. landlines about it. Landlines only have the ability to make calls, and if you need different features for your business such as if you want to make a video meeting and recording your calls, you have to pay an extra fee. Also, the cost of your long-distance class will be much higher, for example, it may be costly for you to call your customer from a very long distance. In addition, abroad calls with landlines will be subject to a certain fee, so when you compared VoIP vs. landlines, you can see that VoIP is more advantageous in this regard.

Old Technology

These days when technology is developing rapidly, being behind technology and not keeping up with it can have extremely bad consequences for your business. When the compared VoIP vs. landlines you can see that the biggest difference between them is technology and it is obvious that landlines are unfortunately behind in this regard. The VoIP, which uses technology very efficiently, is to leave the landline call. Also, being able to call anytime from anywhere in the world is becoming more of a business necessity and your business needs it, but landlines don’t allow it and limit your business capabilities.

VoIP vs. Landlines : Conclusion

In this post, we compared VoIP vs. landlines for you and we wanted to help you decide which one is more suitable for your business by explaining the advantages and disadvantages of both systems. Now you know what VoIP and landlines systems are and what they will add to you and the benefits for your company and your customers, so you can compare VoIP vs. landlines, you can easily reach your employees and customers by using the right system for you. So, you can by making a decision, providing your business from moving forward, and preventing communication problems.


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