VoIP Guide - VoIP Technology & 4 Benefits

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VoIP Guide - VoIP Technology & 4 Benefits
VoIP Guide - VoIP Technology & 4 Benefits

The Basics of VoIP Technology

VoIP is a technology that reduces the cost of your telephone with VoIP phone and understanding why this happens will be after understanding the basics of VoIP technology.

  • VoIP is a Data: Actually, VoIP is the data like instant messages, some records and files. Voice turns into a different kind of data with VoIP. Maybe this is difficult for you to understand VoIP technology, the first thing to do is that it and the voice it transforms are date. So this should be the first foundation we need to understand.
  • VoIP Uses a Different Network: Systems connected to legacy technology required two separate networks to provide both voice and data. They used a separate network on the computer for data, while they had a separate network on the phone for voice. Thanks to VoIP, voice technology has been integrated into a single data network and a much easier, low-cost technology is offered for you.
  • VoIP is a Real-Time: Old phones were created to provide high quality voice service in ral time, and this is their most important and essential feature, so for VoIP it has been quite difficult to provide. However, it develops over time, and with good software and network, it is to be able to provide a service with high voice quality in real time in VoIP. That’s shy a VoIP phone can now replace old phoes.
  • VoIP is Developing: Although old phones are a system that you are used to and use for years and are satisfied with, they are no longer developed and improved. But VoIP is always a developing technology and it is staill devveoping and open to development thanks to this technology. As todays’s technology develeops, VoIP will also develop and continuse to offer more successful services.

What is a VoIP Phone?

VoIP phone provides phone service over the internet. It is an internet-based telephony technology. Calls are made over the internet instead of old phones. Also, VoIP phone calls are a very low-cost system with reduced infrastructure and enable you to make your calls more efficiently and faster. It provides all kinds of services that normal phone service provides, that is, it is a functional system at a lower cost. Moreover, VoIP has many basic features such as;

  • Virtual central numbers that keep track of your and your employees’ calls.
  • It provides a hassle-free installation service on existing internet connections.
  • Widely used and economical application.
  • It provides simple integration with other software applications.

Who Uses This Technology?

All of the businesses using phone services can use the VoIP system because as we mentioned above, it has many new and developing features. In addition, small, medium, and large businesses use VoIP phones because they increase investment and productivity and give you a better customer experience. Also, these small and medium businesses want to get a good and quality service without straining themselves financially, and another advantage for them is that it keeps the cost to a minimum and its function is more efficient, so this is quite possible thanks to VoIP.

Top 4 Benefits of Owning a VoIP Phone

Free International Calls

International calls will become much easier as VoIP phones are a completely internet-based system. Therefore, making international calls with a VoIP phone instead of a fixed-line will give you a great advantage. Thanks to it, your calls can be free because it is an internet-based system. Also, you can add the number you will call internally to your system and continue to make free calls. The VoIP system does not need to be physically located in a country because it is an internet-based cloud system, and you can make your calls without paying a big fortune by getting an international virtual switchboard number from the country you want.

Cheaper than Traditional Landlines

VoIP systems use your available internet for phone calls. In this way, you do not need to use more phone lines. Especially in our world where technology is constantly developing, we now have the opportunity to make many of our needs cheaper by using the internet. VoIP phones, on the other hand, are a much lower cost system than traditional landlines. By switching to a VoIP phone system you use the internet to transfer call data which makes your long calls cheaper. Traditional landlines are charged for every minute of call time, which can be more expensive for your company, so using VoIP saves your business money.

You Get More Features with a VoIP Phone

Thanks to VoIP, you will have many features that will increase your working proficiency in your company. For example, if you want to send a text message instead of making a phone call, you can forward the voice messages you want to send to your files, messages, emails, and instant messengers. You can transfer your calls using VoIP phone systems and use your mobile apps and softphones to check voicemails. You can also ease your busy workflow by sending business messages to your customers via SMS.

Additionally, when you cannot answer the phone, you can forward the call to your available employee. If your company is in a regulated industry, it is very important to record your meetings and callings. With the VoIP phone system, you can take the records of your calls and you can always access these records. Also, you don’t want to be disturbed when you are on a call with your customer, the VoIP system can transfer calls to another employee who can send the call to voicemail or answer the call by pressing a button.

Unlimited Calling for Businesses

You can make unlimited calls for your business using VoIP technology. You don’t need to pay for a separate landline, as phone calls are routed over an internet connection. This way you can also call any phone number outside the local calling area. With a VoIP phone, you can make unlimited calls from the home, office, computer, and even from your phone at a low cost than fixed-line.

Conclusion: Invest in the Future

VoIP is now the standard form of voice communication for many organizations worldwide. This is because it brings numerous advantages over traditional phone systems, including lower setup costs, reduced infrastructure, and cheaper calls. Over time, the digital transformation of VoIP phones business telephony will facilitate better scalability, voice quality, and the creation of a unified communications system across the enterprise without being limited to a single location. This internet-based system will improve itself day by day with the development of technology and will be able to address your needs more and more.

The fact that its cost is lower over time and its features are more advanced will make VoIP inevitable for businesses. Your internal calls, messages, and conversations with your customers are all made over the VoIP system, and every year, VoIP will become more useful and more functional for your company. In this way, fixed lines will be completely removed from our offices and will be replaced by highly functional and cost-effective VoIP phones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about VoIP Phones

Who Can I Call with VoIP Phones?

You can reach anyone with a phone number and make calls with the VoIP phone. You can also make conference calls more easily by using VoIP.

Does VoIP Work in an Emergency?

VoIP phone needs power to make calls, so businesses should either get a backup or add IP phones tp the existing solution in case of emergency.

Is VoIP Phone service reliable?

VoIP phones are very reliable and offer secure phone service. They are connected to the data network and if it goes down they won’t work until the phone is turned on.

Do I Need Any Equipment to Use VoIP?

Using a VoIP phone is more effortless and inexpensive than traditional phones. Because according to them, the equipment used is much less. For VoIP, it will be enough to pay only the users you need.

What does VoIP Technology Provide to Businesses?

It provides benefits such as making dynamic and fast calls to businesses, listening to pre-recorded messages, routing calls with a single button. Thanks to VoIP phone you can also make a video call a compatible device, include other communication services such as instant messaging, teleconferencing, receive voice mail, and much more.

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