The 3 Key Benefits of Call Recording

Discover the benefits of call recording for businesses.Learn how it can improve customer service and training.

The 3 Key Benefits of Call Recording
The 3 Key Benefits of Call Recording

What is Call Recording?

Call recording is when your business records a voice call over an audio source. Businesses can record active calls and conference calls in accordance with the laws of the country where they are located. They can be securely stored as digital files by companies and institutions to be listened to later.

Legal Aspects of Call Recording

Is call recording a violation of privacy?

The development of communication and the violation of people’s privacy rights have led to different methods and dimensions. One of the biggest debates on this subject is the recording and legality of call recordings. The most recent regulations on this subject were made in 2018. This regulation is the General Data Protection Regulation. These regulations explain the privacy and security aspects. The most important part of this issue is the “permission” point for companies.

Because the communicating parties must get permission from the “employee” and “customer” when starting the recording. In other words, while obtaining the permission, the caller must inform the party to which the recording will be used, on the other hand, must obtain approval from the party and keep the information. It cannot be shared with a third person or institution without the consent of both parties. The registered person has the right to access the recording at any time.

For this reason, it is the company’s responsibility to archive call records or data. In addition, the company is obliged to ensure that the data is not damaged or stolen. Another important point is that the records will be used “for what”.It is legal to record evidence of business transactions, to review whether quality standards are being met, to ensure that a business complies with regulations, and to provide market research and feedback. In other words, it is legal for the company to develop itself internally and to record and analyze the conversations to provide better service.

As a result, it is legal for companies to record calls within certain limits, with the consent of the parties, on the condition of ensuring the security of their records.

What are the benefits of call recording to increase customer satisfaction?

1. Understand customer preferences and provide to define customer persona

Every person is unique. Therefore, every person’s expectations and needs are different. For this reason, customers expect small privileges and unique things from companies. For this reason, analyzing call recording customers’ preferences facilitates the customization of the company. Because when the companies listening again, they can analyze each customer and create customer personas. Companies can define customer persona, it can better analyze different consumer groups.

For example, you analyze the person’s life, age range, gender, social, demographic, usual buying behaviour, etc… When all this information is gathered, it can help companies better understand the target group and customer profile. When companies convey this information, especially to the Research & Development department, products suitable for the target audience can be designed and improved. On the other hand, analyzes came to the Sales & Marketing department, customers’ demands can be analyzed to better meet their expectations.

Based on the target group, new marketing strategies can be determined to appeal to wider audiences. In summary, call recording helps to analyze customers and create personas. Because it allows them to analyze better and to notice the details of the customers. In this way, the company can offer better quality products and services to customers. It allows companies to better communicate with customers. Increases brand loyalty and customer engagement between the customer and the company.

2. Review missed details and prevent potential dissatisfaction and complaints

When a customer or potential customer calls to service, there may be problems originating from both parties. Problems may occur due to poor phone connection, noise, or pronunciation of the people communicating. Call recording and re-listening to understand the customer well can provide his or her demands. Also, if we want to get good feedback from someone, we need to catch the details. Sometimes we can miss these details momentarily.

Therefore, listening again to capture details, allows us to better analyze people’s demands. In addition, companies can understand what the person expects from the company and its products and services. If the person has problems during the usage phase or has questions about the product & service and these problems & questions are not resolved, it will be negative feedback. This ensures that the customer is dissatisfied and increases the person’s complaints.

Customer engagement and brand loyalty can be devastated between companies and customers. To prevent this, companies must listen to our customers well and understand their demands clearly. In this way, companies can focus on the individual and produce solutions. In addition, companies prevent possible complaints and dissatisfaction.

3. Better analysis of feedback and raise the standards of the product or service

One of the biggest features of the call recording is the possibility of analysis. At this point, the IT and marketing departments should be well coordinated. The company must ensure that the data is well protected. In addition, the data obtained from the call records should be well archived and organized. Because you may not get efficient results from poorly used, unclassified customer data. For this reason, it is very valuable to analyze and protect data well. It helps move products & services to a better position by analyzing all positive or negative feedback.

Feedback creates a kind of mirror effect. In this way, you can better analyze the shortcomings and good aspects of products or services. In this way, you can save more progress. Also, do not evaluate the benefits of analyzing call recording and customers based on sales figures alone. Your company helps you which strategies make your customers happy and how you can increase brand loyalty and customer relationship. In this way, you can produce better campaigns and reach more people.

Why is customer satisfaction important for companies?

People don’t just shop to meet a need. These needs do not always arise out of necessity. Today, there is more than one solution for every need or demand. We supply these solutions in the form of products and services. So how do people choose solutions (products and services)? According to satisfaction. Because we cannot be persuaded to buy a product or service if we are not satisfied.

In addition, if a person is satisfied with the product and service, she or he receives, ıt does not return to this company only as sales. In other words, Customer Satisfaction increases brand loyalty and creates loyalty between customers & the company. This increases brand value and the potential for people to buy companies’ products over and over again.

Also, it ensures that the company has a positive bias even to the person who has never used any of its products before. To summarize, customer satisfaction equals an increase in brand value and creates brand loyalty between customers / potential customers and companies. Call centers increase the customer satisfaction level by recording calls.


Call recording is very healthy to increase customer satisfaction in companies when used correctly. For this reason, it is legal for companies to develop themselves and to offer better services and products to the public. We should know the benefits of call recording. If companies can analyze and protect their call records and data well, it will provide an important resource to the company.

The company can see weaknesses in its products and services and improve them. It can develop and transform its target audience and market share. It can make customization by providing better communication with one-to-one customers. This can increase the customer’s unique feeling and loyalty to the brand. And of course, it can increase the brand value of the company in the end.

For detailed information, you can take a look at our blog post about Measurement of Customer Satisfaction and the Importance of CSAT, CES, NPS Concepts.


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