Multiline Phone System & Useful Features

Learn about multiline phone systems and how they can benefit business. Discover different types and features.

Multiline Phone System & Useful Features
Multiline Phone System & Useful Features

What is a multi-line phone systems?

Multi-line phone systems are systems where multiple phone lines are on a device, where you can manage and view multiple calls. You can accept incoming calls or make outgoing calls by pressing a special key for a specific phone number. Also, people who call you are diverted to voicemail or busy signal during the call, so those who call you and cannot reach you can leave a message. Also, multi-line phone systems increase the office communication and productivity of your employees by providing ease of communication with your colleagues, employees, and customers. So, you can get rid of the confusion of missed calls thanks to its ability to manage multiple calls, which is an extremely important issue for your business.

How does it work?

You can use multi-line phone systems with an internet connection and a computer, and it is built with an extension so that one or more phones can be connected. With this function, operators can hold incoming calls and allow the real-time presence of other extensions. Also, it transmits the audio data to the receiver via cables but provides the transmission of two or more lines. In addition, thanks to multi-line phone systems, you can connect to other phones and use them as an extension line.

Types of multi-line phone

More lines don’t always mean better. For this reason, you should choose which type of multi-line phone system is more useful for your company and which one you will get more efficiency from. Let’s review the types of multi-line phone systems together and decide which is best for you.

2-line phones

2-line phones, one of the types of multi-line phone systems, can actually be much more suitable for small businesses and businesses with a predictable call volume because the number of employees can be both less and the workload is less in these companies, so 2-line phones are more efficient to small businesses and it will be more beneficial for them. With this phone system, you can receive calls on two lines and answer both lines at the same time. Also, if you work from home, you can choose 2-line phones.

4-line phones

Businesses with a small team of employees who each need a dedicated line may use small agencies with a sales representative to answer incoming customer calls, and such businesses may opt for a more cost-effective option of a 4-line phone system. Also, if you run a small business with a few employees need to put calls on hold, answer multiple incoming calls, and transfer calls at the same time.

6-12-line phones

6-12 line phone systems offer all the functions you need to keep your business running smoothly day by day if you have a large team. These multi-line phone systems offer you many features such as caller identification, voice mail feature, call transfer feature. They are faster, have more memory, and have even more customization than other phones. In addition, these phones offer advanced features such as line presence and soft keys.

Features of multi-line phone systems

Multi-line phone systems have many features for your business and these features will help you a lot in improving your business. In addition, thanks to these features, your communication within your business will be better, and the communication between you and your employees will be better, and you will be able to communicate more clearly and quality with your customers. These features offer much more than multiple phone extensions and contribute to the development of your business.

Holding a Call

Instead of answering your customers when you are not available, you can put their calls on hold, so you can continue without interrupting your busy work, and you can get your business done and return by putting your customers on hold instead of leaving your customers unanswered. You will be able to put an unlimited number of customers in the waiting queue until you are ready to answer. Also, with the holding call feature, which is an important feature of multi-line phone systems, you can play the hold music to your customers that you put on hold, or just put a call on hold if you want.

Call analytics

You can take advantage of the call analytics feature of multi-line phone systems to organize your incoming calls and save them from the confusion of calls. Thanks to calling analytics, you can now organize and measure incoming calls from your customers or employees, and direct them to your employees or teams in a specific order, so you can run your work more efficiently without disrupting your workflow. You can also view the reports of your call analytics when necessary, ensuring a more regular call flow.

Call routing

It will be a useful method for you and to direct the incoming calls responsible to employees on a busy working day and to record this in the system and ensure that the calls are received accordingly because without interrupting your workflow, received only calls related to you and your employees only receiving calls related to the subject they are responsible. Therefore, it will increase your efficiency within the company. With call routing, which is one of the features of multi-line phone systems, you will be able to determine which of your employees will receive calls and direct incoming calls to your PC with the desktop application. Also, with this feature, your phones will be called in a certain order.

Auto attendant

It will save you time if your customers who call you directly only connect to the departments they want to connect and reach your employee who is responsible for this issue. By using multi-line phone systems, you can have the auto attendant feature and automatically forward the incoming calls to the employee in charge by making the customer use the keypad. With auto attendant, you can greet callers and give them an extension directory. In this way, it is also possible to improve the customer experience by reducing your customer’s waiting time.

Benefits of a multi-line phone systems

Multi-line phone systems have very important benefits for your company, so we can examine a few of these benefits together.

Low Cost

Multi-line phone systems are moving to internet-based models that host all your data in the cloud and send your call information over the internet, so your cost will be much lower compared to traditional phones. Moreover, since it is an internet-based technology, you do not need to buy any extra hardware, so you can save money and avoid overspending. Also, without the need for a separate line or phone for each employee, your employees can use the devices of their choice, such as laptops, mobile phones, to make and receive calls, so you will have enough of the equipment you already have in your workplace.


Multi-line phone systems are flexible and you can scale as you wish. If you decide to work with a larger team, you can easily stretch your system, so if you grow your business, its multi-line phone systems will grow and stretch with you. You can expand your system either by adding extra handsets using cables or by installing an expansion kit. Also, multi-line phone systems give your team the flexibility to use whatever tools they need, and they can get things done with the convenience of their mobile phones and internet connections if they want.


In short, as we mentioned above, multi-line phone systems are very useful for your company and thanks to these lines, your calls will be in a certain order, your customers will be able to connect only to the department they want without wasting time, and you will be able to get rid of the call confusion in your workplace. In addition, even if your employees work remotely, they will be able to benefit from this system and when you want to expand your company, multi-line phone systems will also flex. In short, it is a system that will meet the needs of your company.

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