Pushover + Hipcall Integration


Pushover is a simple push notification service that lets you send alerts to Android and iOS devicesand you can integrate easily into web apps.

When this happens (Triggers)

Do this (Actions)

Create task
Creates a new task.
Update task
Updates an existing task.
Create contact
Creates a new contact.
Update contact
Updates an existing contact.
Create company
Creates a new company.
Update company
Updates an existing company.
Create deal
Creates a new deal.
Update deal
Updates an existing deal.
Call init
When a call start.
Call hangup
When the call hangup.
Create callback
When the caller create a new callback request.
Push Notification
Send a push notification to the user or group.
Add a User to a Group
Adds a new user to your group.
Delete User From Group
Deletes an existing user from your group.
Disabling a User in a Group
Disable an existing user from your group.
Emergency Push Notification
Sends an emergency push notification.
List Users From Group
List all users within your group.
Re-enabling a User in a Group
Re-enable an existing user in your group.