What is Virtual Meeting? Best Guide

Learn how to host successful virtual meetings. Discover tips for preparing and executing productive meetings.

What is Virtual Meeting? Best Guide
What is Virtual Meeting? Best Guide

What is Virtual Meeting?

Nowadays, we are in an environment where everything is digital, both at school, in our home, and at our workplace, especially in the last year and a half of due to Covid-19, we are doing almost any of our jobs in a virtual environment in order to reduce social contact. So, what is virtual meeting which is held in the virtual environment and we hear frequently?

As we mentioned, we now do most of our work in a virtual environment, including our meetings. With the development of technology, you can use virtual meetings to talk about important details about your business and hold meetings with your employees or team in different locations. Also, with virtual meetings, you can reach larger audiences and hold more crowded meetings. In this way, you do not necessarily need to be face-to-face to make a meeting, only a tool and internet connection will be sufficient for your meeting, so you will be able to make your meeting more comfortable, which you call what is virtual meeting.

The Advantages of Virtual Meetings

We learned what is virtual meeting. So, what advantages does this meeting provide, and what is virtual meeting will add to you?

  • Saving Time: You can save time with a virtual meeting. How Does? By making meetings with your employees, or partners, you will not have to spend time from wherever you are by determining a time that is suitable only for you and your employees. Also, being able to make a virtual meetings whenever and wherever you want is easy and you only need an internet connection.
  • Recording Meetings: After long presentations and meetings with slides, you and your employees may want to take a look again. In the meantime, you can think about what is virtual meeting will provides for your business, but thanks to it you can record your virtual meetings and review them.
  • Increasing Productivity: All of your employees ususalyy attend face-to-face meetings, and you have had employees who had to spend their time in the meeting, even if they were not related to the subject. Thanks to the virtual meetings, you can have shorter and more concise meetingsü so that only your relevant employees can participate, thus creating a more productive working environment without unnecessary and long meetings.
  • Working with Collaboration: If you are wondering what is virtual meeting is providing for your company, you can see more work collaboration by having virtual meetings and these meetings allow your employees to work with more effective business collaboration as they share their files and brainstorm in the virtual meeting, and they can make some changes to these files while in the virtual meeting.
  • Protecting Health: Let’s come to another advantage of virtual meetings. Since the day Covid-19 entered our lives, we have to pay attention to our social distance, as this is the case, remote work has increased and thanks to virtual meetings, we no longer have to meet face to face meetings, which has been a very effective measure for our health.

The Disadvantages of Virtual Meetings

Let’s look over the what is virtual meeting is creating disadvantages;

  • Weak Internet Connection: All team members need a good internet connection to have a quality video meeting, and a weak internet connection can cause many things to go wrong. For instance, your emploee may miss parts of the meeting, which is a very serious problem for the employee. Also, depending on the internet speed your and your employee’s movements may be transmitted to others with problems or your voice may be cut off.
  • Lack of Communication: Now, we will mention from what is virtual meeting has other disadvantage. This disadvantage is the bad communication between employees. If you only have virtual meetings in your company, your employees may not know each other and it may be difficult for someone new to your team to get used to your work environment. Therefore, the communication between your employees may not be strong unfourtunately.
  • Distractibilty: It may be difficult for you to attract the attention of your employees in virtual meetings because it is difficult to manage your virtual meeting with some restrictions while managing face-to-face meetings more easily. While your employees are listening to you, they may be interested in something else and miss the mentioned topic, so if you are going to have a virtual meeting, you should be more interesting while managing the meeting.

The Tools We Can Use for Virtual Meetings

So far, we have mentioned what is virtual meeting is and their advantages and disadvantages. Now, we will mention a few wonderful tools with which you can make your virtual meeting. Let’s look over what is virtual meeting tools;

  • Zoom, one of the popular virtual meeting tools, offers you paid and free plans, and both plans are easy to use. It is also a tool that provides a virtual meeting service with Zoom that allows your employees to simultaneously stream HD video. You can also include up to 200 participants with unlimited cloud storage using it.
  • Another virtual meeting tool is Skype. It is an application that most of us probably know for a long time, and with it you can easily make meetings, share your screen and make presentations, In addition, with the instant messaging feature of Skype, you can communicate with your employees and team whenever you want.
  • What is virtual meeting another tool? Google Meet! It is possible to make your virtual meetings with Google Meet thanks to its easy use. You join meetings with a separate virtual number for each meeting, so your privacy is protected. Moreover, it is an application that adopts to all kinds of devices, and the web version is also very useful.
  • Join.me is an easy-to-use program that can be installed on your desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones. With Join.me, you can make your presentations and meetings without interruptions by sharing your screen. You can also synchronize with other work tools such as Outlook, Office 365, and Google Calender.

Why Should Businesses Use?

Virtual meetings allow you to have more interactive meetings and presentations on the internet. So, why should you use make virtual meetings for your business? What is virtual meeting will provide your company?

Reduces Expenses

You can reduce your expenses by having a virtual meeting. So, how Does it? What is virtual meeting going to reduce your expenses? Thanks to these meetings, you will no longer have to go to the office, and the expenses you make for your meetings in the office will be eliminated. Also, you can attend your meetings outside the city or abroad online, so this will save you a lot of money. In addition, you will not need to use materials such as files and papers that you use in your face-to-face meetings, so you will not have to spend money on them and it will be a healthier step for the environment.

Easy to Access People

Another reason to have a virtual meeting is to reach more people easily. Thanks to it, even if you have a remote working environment, you will be able to see your employees you have not seen and make meetings with them. Moreover, we are in a digital age, and now the most effective way to access people is to use the internet, so you can introduce yourself to more people and make presentations and meetings that appeal to wider audiences.


What is virtual meeting going to do for your business besides offering the above? The virtual meeting is more inclusive and you can share the content you want and explain it with images or videos. In addition, face-to-face meetings can be held with more limited employees, while virtual meetings can be held with more employees. Also, with virtual meetings, you can find the staff you are looking for by considering wider locations for your business without geographical restrictions.


We explained what is virtual meeting above and gave information about their many advantages and disadvantages. These are useful for your company and they are so important things for you. If you want to reduce your cost, save time, increase your productivity and expand your company’s field of activity, you can start making virtual meetings. You can continue your work without risking both your own health and the health of your employees by making virtual meetings instead of having face-to-face crowded meetings, especially during the Covid-19 period, when you need to pay attention to your health and social distance.

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