What is Online Faxing ? 4 Common Uses

Discover the benefits of online faxing. Learn how it works, and its advantages over traditional faxing.

What is Online Faxing ? 4 Common Uses
What is Online Faxing ? 4 Common Uses

What is Online Faxing?

Online faxing is the substitution of the fax machine. It is a computerized device that empowers the accommodation and gathering of fax records through the web. There is no fax machine equipment required nowadays. All fax correspondence is completed utilizing an online gateway, which can be gotten to by cell phones, PCs.

Why Faxing is a Necessity For Your Office?

Today, with the evolution of everything digitally, traditional fax has started to leave its place in online fax. It is a digital tool that enables sending and receiving of online faxing documents via cloud technology. Online faxing is also called fax, e-fax, or internet fax in some places. It can be used on computers and all smart devices.

The difference between traditional faxing and the reason why online faxing is still used is that online faxing is secure compared to many information and file transfer ways. Online faxing uses end-to-end encryption to prevent documents from being hacked. In this way, users can send and receive documents using a secure line without worrying about being hacked. Many companies and people prefer it because it is easy and reliable to use and consider it necessary.

How to use Online Faxing?

Traditional faxing required a fax machine and a fixed telephone line to send the fax. If compared between online and traditional fax, online faxing does not print or wait by a related machine. Faxes can be sent or received without the need for a physical tool. For this, you subscribe to the online faxing service, which provides the service of converting the fax to an online document.

Companies providing this service ensure that files sent by both digital systems and traditional fax hardware are sent to the other party with converter software applications that make them compatible with cloud technology. This service converts documents into a format that the fax machine can read at the recipient’s side of your message and sends them via an online fax number or e-mail (e.g 000000000@onlinefax. com ). These converted documents can be any document that can be attached to an email, Microsoft Word documents, PDF files, and scanned images. Also, two-sided document exchange can be made from online fax to online fax or from online fax to traditional fax.

Benefits of Online Faxing

After answering the “What is Online Faxing” question, let’s focus on the benefits of online fax;

  • One of the most obvious benefits of online faxing is that online faxing is more convenient. Because traditional fax required a machine and it had a certain capacity to send documents at the same time. It also lacked portability. The benefit of online faxing, it does not take up space in the office and many documents can be sent at the same time from a single source.
  • Online faxing is Cost-Effectivity. What is online faxing doing to decrease costs? Because you only pay a subscription fee in online faxing. But in traditional fax, you need to buy a fax machine. In addition, there are materials that constantly cost such as paper, toner ink.
  • Another benefit is that it prevents wastage of time. What is online faxing doing to saving time? Because for traditional fax, people had to go from place to place. It wasn’t available to everyone. But online faxing is available to anyone via their personal cell phone or computer. For this reason, its accessibility is higher.
  • Fax machine accessibility was not the only issue. Materials such as toner, ink, and paper had to be complete. If these materials were missing or not, the document was sent to the other party incomplete or incorrectly. Another possibility was that people could not send the fax. For this reason, not needing any additional material is one of the benefits of online faxing.
  • Documents can not be backed up on a traditional fax machine. In addition, it has to face many technical problems. For example, service interruptions, problems with printing documents, login problems, jams, failure to send or receive files, machine overheating and etc… On the other hand, all transactions in online fax are carried out with the cloud system, documents are automatically backed up and there are no problems such as document loss. Even if there is a problem with the internet connection during the transmission, it can be recovered because the cloud system is automatically for backup. In addition, due to the fact that it works with the cloud system, there are much fewer problems compared to a traditional fax.

4 Common Uses for Online Faxing Services

What is online faxing will do for your company besides offering the benefits outlined above?

Sending Confidential Documents that need a Secure Connection

Technology development is not only good. Nowadays, as technology develops, the danger of information security increases. This is because many new ways of hacking systems have developed. On the other hand, online faxing is built on cloud technology. Companies or people prefer online faxing, unlike sending an e-mail or other documents, online faxing uses end-to-end encryption to prevent documents from being hacked. In this way, users can send and receive documents using a secure line without worrying about hacking.

In addition, online fax is more secure as traditional fax has problems such as incorrect dialing of the fax number and problems such as getting the documents by the wrong people. When you send online faxing, you can see the name and surname of the person sent directly with the fax code you enter while you are sending. This way you can check if it was sent to the right person.

Sends documents that are too large to fax

Fax machines have a certain capacity. For this reason, you need to send a certain number of faxes at the same time. In addition, you have to wait to send pieces. To increase this capacity for sending faxes, companies or people must be purchased more fax machines. Also, you cannot send all types of documents. Digitization of communication, more and more areas have begun to open up. This is the case for online faxing. The size and footprint of documents have become minimal with online faxing. At the same time, an unlimited number of documents can be sent from a single source. You can send these documents in seconds and you don’t have to wait.

Avoid the high cost of regular fax service

When traditional fax was used, companies had to pay a separate fee for the fax machine. Since it was an additional device connected to electricity, it provided higher costs in its bills. In addition, when the became the problem of machine, you have to call technical support. So, you have to pay to add cost. Also if you don’t want to face problems, you have to do regular maintenance.

Apart from that, they had many regular additional costs such as paper, ink, and toner. If individuals were to send faxes, separate fees had to be paid for each document. Now, since no additional machine is required, it saves regular additional costs. People and companies pay only a monthly or annual fixed subscription fee, there is no need to charge separately for each document.

Sending documents when you’re away from the office

Before, you used to have to go to a place that had a fax machine for traditional faxing. This company can be store or a place like a post office. Also, you could not send documents on public holidays or outside working hours. When the development of online faxing, you can send any document you want, whenever and wherever you want. Because with the cloud system, you can easily send your documents from all computers and mobile devices through your subscription.


Development of technology, traditional fax has evolved into the online fax. Online faxing is a fax sent via cloud technology. Today, why online faxing is still valid is that online faxing is secure as a method of information and file transfer. Because online faxing uses end-to-end encryption to prevent documents from being hacked.

If a person or company wants to send an online fax, you should subscribe to an online faxing service that provides fax to online document conversion service. The online faxing company has software that can convert documents into a format that the fax machine can read on the recipient side of your message. After converting the file, it sends it via an online fax number or email. It can be used by all computers and smart devices.

If you want to learn more about what is online faxing, you can read another blog post about the History of the Fax Machine.


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