Webinar Marketing - What is a Webinar?

Learn about webinars, their purpose, and benefits. Discover how they can help you educate your audiences.

Webinar Marketing - What is a Webinar?
Webinar Marketing - What is a Webinar?

What is a Webinar?

It has become difficult to get together with people due to Covid-19. Different platforms have been started to be used to organize joint meetings and seminars with their employees, especially with the company’s work-from-home policy. Training and workshops are essential for a company. It is best for companies if these events are also affordable and cost-effective. If we ask what a webinar is, we will understand that the webinar is the appropriate platform for these features.

Let’s take a closer look at what is a webinar. The webinar is a concept derived from the word “web” meaning “network” and “seminar”. In short, The concept of webinars is derived from the words Web-based Seminar. In fact, its emergence dates back many years. The time period when it first appeared is given after 1950 and it is known that it was used by NASA in the 1960s.

With the webinar, seminars can be organized independently of the venue. The webinar held online is very easy to use if the appropriate infrastructure and internet are available. There are many different reasons why webinars are held. Webinar seminars are commonly used for meetings, distance learning, or workshops. You can communicate by video, audio, text. Content and documents are presented easily with features like slideshows. The activity can be enriched with surveys and question-answers.

There are 3 types of webinars that are widely used. The first is the live show that takes place at a certain time. The second is on-demand webinars that you can access from anywhere. The third is automatic webinars that can be attended when the time and date come with automatic software. We answered the question of what is a webinar, and now let’s talk about what it does.

What are webinars used for?

After the question of what is a webinar, we will also talk about what it does. As we said above when talking about what a webinar is, Webinars are used for meetings, training, and workshops. It has a worldwide reach. It has an interactive atmosphere. Viewers can chat, ask questions, participate in surveys and quizzes. Webinars can be a very good choice to grow your business. A wide audience can be reached. It allows to exchange information and receive interaction over the Internet in real-time. Webinars can be organized for investor-shareholder meetings, corporate meetings, online press conferences, brand dealer meetings, employee events, and online training.

What do I need for webinar?

There are some things to do before and during the webinar. These are necessary to create a webinar and get effective results.

  1. A professional SAAS should be used.
  2. You must specify the date and time.
  3. After determining the topic of the webinar, you should prepare your content. You should make sure that it is innovative and appealing to everyone.
  4. After determining what the webinar is and how it will be, you should increase the interaction. You can do this through social media. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter can be used. These are necessary to increase awareness and interest in the webinar.
  5. The people who will make the webinar should practice and check the necessary equipment.


The audience needs to see clearly the presenter. It is necessary to have a good webcam so that the interest does not decrease and emotional expressions are transferred to the other side.


Care should be taken to ensure that the Headset is functional. For example, the audience should be heard well in the question-and-answer part. No outside sounds should be heard. The speaker may be distracted.


With a good microphone, the sound should be heard cleanly and uninterruptedly. Continual background noise, low sound, or continuous interruption of the sound reduces the interest. And it prevents the realization of all the good features that we answered under the question of what is a webinar.

Good lighting

After a good webcam, lighting is very important. Nobody wants to listen to a speaker who is half-seen in the dark. The light must not be left behind. To look good, the light must come from the front and not excessively. Attention should be paid to the lighting of the environment. Audiences need to see the speaker and understand his/her facial expressions.

The Power of Webinars for Your Business

After introducing what is a webinar, it is necessary to talk about its benefits. Because the power of webinars is increasing day by day.

Great Video Content

The presenter can make a slide show at the conference. A video that exists on a computer or is found online, such as YouTube, can be displayed.

Contributes Brand Image

The webinar is a platform for brands to reach and communicate with the masses. During the event, the brand will be promoted and the broad audience can be informed.

Generate Leads

Since there is voluntary participation, information about potential customers is collected. The lead is created. With the webinar, the sales of the brand can increase.

Cost Effective

Compared to normal seminars, it provides a great advantage to save time and reduce costs. The activity is carried out regardless of physical conditions.

The Future of Webinar Marketing

We learned what is a webinar. The use of the webinar, which is increasing in popularity, will continue. Companies prefer it because of its low cost, fast and interactive nature. In addition to these features, companies can promote their own. In an increasingly competitive environment, the webinar is a good choice. The number of platforms providing webinar services is increasing. There are too many options. Both entertaining and informative activities can be organized by making a choice according to the needs.


We talked about a lot of things, such as what is a webinar and what its power is. The webinar is part of the new world order. Its use is increasing and diversifying. A successful event can be realized by completing the necessary equipment and content. Webiner usage will continue to increase, so it will be best to find and use a platform that suits the need. Through ways such as social media, the interaction of the company will increase. Thus, the webinar has a positive effect on both finding potential customers and increasing sales.


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