The 8 Effective Work Collaboration Tools

Explore the best work collaboration tools to improve team productivity. Learn about features and pricing.

The 8 Effective Work Collaboration Tools
The 8 Effective Work Collaboration Tools

The Importance of Work Collaboration Tools

In our globalizing world where everything is getting closer to being digital, our working life continues in digital and online environments. Therefore, it will be quite challenging to coordinate and working in collaborating remotely because working from the outside of the office can have negative effects on the motivation of some of our employees, which is a reason that directly affects productivity. In order to increase the morale and productivity of the team, it is possible to keep them together online and to work together as if they are working in the same building, thanks to work collaboration tools. It is necessary to support in order to create effective and easier work collaboration.

There will be some works that we all carry out, and while carrying out these works, our employees have to be in coordination by communicating with their teams in order to be able to harmonize with their teams. Remote team members need the right online work collaboration tools for instant messaging, video meetings, and job tracking, and it is possible to do this and make it easier via them. By carrying out faster work with work collaboration tools, both the motivation of the employees will be kept high and thus productivity and innovation will increase.

8 Effective Work Collaboration Tools

Choosing the right work collaboration tools can be difficult for us because we have to make a choice according to our needs and continue by researching accordingly and choosing the one that suits our needs. Let’s examine some work collaboration tools;

Google Drive and Docs

Google Drive and Documents can be a work collaboration tool that you have heard and used outside of work. By working with it, your employees can operate on the same file with their teammates at the same time, make edits, leave comments to their teammates and see the changes they have made on the file. You can start using these Google Drive and Docs, which are also very easy to use, by inviting your employees and teammates to work on a file. All changes you make on the document are saved to Google Drive, thus eliminating the risk of losing your files.


Trello, one of the work collaboration tools, Trello, will help you keep track of your projects and assign tasks with boards and cards. When using it, your projects will be easier to organize. When assigning tasks to your employees and teammates, you won’t have to deal with complexity thanks to its easy use, and you will be able to leave comments if you want to give them feedback. Moreover, Trello also has a reminder feature and to-do list, so it will ensure that you do not forget your meetings and the deadlines of your projects. In addition to these, Trello can be integrated with several work collaboration tools such as Google Docs, Slack, and so on.


Another easy-to-use work collaboration tool that you may have heard of or used before, Skype is a very convenient tool for making video meetings and making voice calls from your mobile device, tablet, or computer. In addition to these, Skype has an instant messaging feature is also available. You can make greater presentations outside the office by sharing screens and video meetings with your employees and team. Thanks to this work collaboration tool, you can reach many people in the world and make video and voice calls.


Jira is a project management tool. Using it, you can manage and monitor your various projects such as software development, content marketing, service management. Although your main goal is to manage projects, Jira is one of the successful work collaboration tools you have been researching. Also, Jira has a problem tracking feature and with it, you can notice and monitor your problems and you can also prioritize your problems so that you can solve them conveniently and quickly. A seamless work collaboration can be quite possible with Jira because of course you will encounter many problems and arranging them without confusion will make your work easier for you to find solutions.


With Asana, you can carry out your work together by giving your employees and team the authority to share and organize the projects you have prepared and to follow the project. Asana, one of the successful work collaboration tools in project management, has many features such as video calling, project management, to-do list, and reminders. Thus it will be a good helpful tool for you while working because it meets many of the things you need in business life, especially if you work with a team that you work in collaboration with. Thanks to Asana, you can easily follow your employees and team and give feedback by leaving comments whenever you want.


Using Slack, you can make instant messages, make video meetings and voice calls with your employees, so you can communicate and coordinate with them from anywhere. You can also organize and participate in speeches through various channels for your projects. Thanks to Slack, you can have detailed conversations with your team, whether with a single person or with your collaborative team, and you can directly share the file that you want with your colleagues. Also, Slack can integrate with many works collaboration tools like Trello. That’s why it is one of those powerful work collaboration tools.


Basecamp is one of the work collaboration tools that support remote working and a project can be an assistant that saves you from complexity when you get stressed. You will more easily manage your project, stay in touch and organize your collaborating employees. Also, like other work collaboration tools, basecamp has many features such as reminders, schedulers, sending messages, sending emails. In this way, you will be able to do all your work from a single tool without the need for another tool. With Basecamp, you will save time as you streamline your calls, meetings, and to-do.

It is one of the most preferred work collaboration tools that allow you to visually plan, monitor collaborate with your employees on the projects you are working on and that you can access at the same time. Monday. com allows you to stay in touch with your team in all conditions, whether you are working in the office or at home. Also, with Monday. com, you can customize your work and projects by choosing the design you want and the templates that fit your workflow. In addition, you can view your projects on a calendar so you can prepare without missing your deadlines, and you can also automate your workflow and ongoing tasks by entering the program.


In short, whether you are at the office or at home, there are many helpful work collaboration tools that you can create work collaborations regardless of where you are in the world. Thanks to them, your business life, teamwork, and collaboration will be much easier and you will have a more organized way of working. Now you can have an assistant online that will organize your workflow, meetings, and projects according to you. We know that the most important thing for collaboration is communication, and thanks to all these work collaboration tools, you will be able to reach your team anytime and anywhere by staying in touch. Who wouldn’t want work collaboration tools to have an assistant.

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