9 Best Zoom Alternatives For Video Call

Discover alternative video calling apps to Zoom. Learn about their features to choose the right one.

9 Best Zoom Alternatives For Video Call
9 Best Zoom Alternatives For Video Call

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, a remote working system has been introduced to the business world and many companies. Communication apps are getting more and more popular. A huge number of paid and free applications are emerging. These companies use various video call applications according to their needs. In this process, they prioritize functionality. This blog will talk about zoom and zoom alternatives that facilitate teamwork in the digital world.

What is Zoom?

It is a videoconference platform that uses end-to-end encryption. It was first established in 2011 in partnership with Cisco Systems and WebEx. Zoom became truly operational 2 years after it was founded. With the pandemic, the use of the Zoom application has increased a lot. Although there are zoom alternatives, it is a popular application. Individuals, schools, companies, everyone uses it. You can register for free to Zoom, the application that can be used by anyone who wants to hold meetings in the digital environment. You can use it in an integrated way by downloading the application to all your devices.

The free account has some restrictions. A 40-minute video call with 100 people has been determined free of charge in the Zoom application. Users have the option to upgrade by subscribing to one of their plans, the largest allowing up to 1,000 simultaneous people with no time restrictions.

Webinars, meetings, training, a video call can be held on this platform. You can organize virtual events live on Zoom. You can broadcast to Youtube and record your meeting. There is also a chat section on the side. You can organize live Q&A. Fun ice-breaker games can be organized by dividing the participants into breakout rooms. You need to download the application from application markets such as the app store or Google play store.

After logging in with your mail account, you can start a meeting or schedule it for later. You can send the meeting ID and password to the people who will attend the meeting via e-mail or message. Compatible with a mobile phone, tablet, and computer. You can do all this with Zoom and Zoom alternatives.

How to Use Zoom for Business Meetings?

Zoom Meetings is actually the main feature of the app. It is a very good choice for in-house meetings, recruitment interviews, or customer communication. Zoom Business is best suited for businesses that have regular meetings and work with multiple teams. It has features such as special URLs for businesses’ Zoom meetings, recorded meetings, and special customer support. It has privileges such as Unlimited one-on-one meetings, Unlimited group meetings.

With these features, you can practically organize meetings in your company and increase the motivation within the team. You can keep track of the work you do with your team and colleagues interactively. We will talk about the features of Zoom alternatives for businesses in our article. Zoom alternatives can also be used for business meetings.

What are the Advantages of Zoom Video Calling?

Thanks to Zoom, we can easily handle our work and meetings with one click. We can easily connect from anywhere. Having internet and a device is enough. Handling the meetings in a practical way contributes to time management and efficiency. It helps you save time. It can be paid or free depending on usage and needs. In addition, you can organize an international video call with participants from all over the world. It enables teams that cannot be together physically to gather and meet. Thus, the motivation within the team increases. Zoom alternatives also have many advantages, you can see in the rest of the article.

The 9 Best Zoom Alternatives For Video Calling

There are many zoom alternatives available. We will tell you what we have chosen so that you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Google Hangouts

One of the best zoom alternatives is Google Hangout. It is developed by Google and is a messaging and video call application. It is one of the programs used for offices in different places to work together. It has an easy-to-use and simple interface. services such as video chat, making phone calls over the internet, Google Voice, video-conferencing, and messaging services. You can simply use it with your Google account. You can work in an integrated way on mobile devices, desktop, and laptop computers. To use Hangouts, it is enough to have internet and a google account.


Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Luxembourg, Skype is part of the Microsoft enterprise. With this application used in daily and business life, you can have conversations with your mobile device, computer, Xbox, and Alexa. It is designed for both one-on-one conversations and group conversations. It has messaging and video calling features. You can also transfer files. You can talk to people from all over the world as long as you have an internet connection. You can enjoy more features and reach more people at a low cost. You can use it as a phone line and send messages to phone numbers.


Apple bought the FaceTime name from FaceTime Communications. You can use FaceTime on iOS or iPadOS devices over Wi-Fi or cellular. It provides data exchange over the Internet. You must sign in with your Apple ID. phone number or registered e-mail address of the person you are calling is required. Developed for Apple users. FaceTime group conversations can be made with up to 32 people at the same time. For this reason, it can be considered as a Zoom alternative.


One of the zoom alternatives software is ooVoo. It is a multi-chat and video call application downloaded over the internet. It offers anyone who clicks on the link the ability to join the video conference. It works on different device types. Up to 12 people can start or join a group video chat. In addition, files such as photos can be shared. As of 2014, the app supports cross-platform messaging. Keeping you connected with the people who matter most. You can do Video chat with anyone worldwide or sends messages via video, photo, or text.


Participate in BlueJeans video meetings with up to 150 attendees. If you use paid, this number of participants may increase. You can check information such as meeting duration, number of participants, feedbacks. The BlueJeans Rooms service is for office video conferencing. BlueJeans Events service for webinars is also offered. You can easily create an account with your e-mail address. Android and iOS are both fully supported. BlueJeans delivers a premium video conferencing experience that is optimized for the mobile workforce. It is a really good one of the Zoom alternatives.


One of the zoom alternatives is Join.me use the”Business calls anytime, anywhere.” slogan. It is used in situations where a sudden meeting is required. With the link, others can join the video call. Specially designed for organizers of team meetings and client presentations. Compatible for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac. You can create a free account. It can be used easily with its simple interface. It has video conferencing, audio conferencing, full compatibility with mobile devices, single link scheduling, personal link, whiteboard, screen sharing, webinars.

Webex Meetings

It is a communication interface created for conferencing over the internet. It has distinguished itself with its Flexible, Inclusive, and Secure features. It offers intuitive video as well as easy scheduling and joining. With this application, more than 25 billion video calls are held per month. Cisco Webex Meetings has many features such as sharing and chat. It has customizable features such as presentation, calendar creation, recording, screen sharing. You can participate from your desktop, browser, video, or mobile device. It is one of the very good zoom alternatives.

Microsoft Teams

With the Microsoft teams application, you can make video calls, teamwork, and file sharing. While doing this, it attaches great importance to privacy and security. You can also join conversations without the Teams app required. But you need to have a Microsoft account to start a conversation and take advantage of other features. It works integrated on phones and computers. It is a strong competitor, even if we say it as one of the Zoom alternatives.

In addition to these features, it includes accessibility features for people with physical disabilities such as the visually impaired. Files are shared in groups. These are synchronized with a copy stored in Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage and a local SharePoint environment. So people in the group can edit the files. All your data in chat, notes, or files are encrypted. In addition, other features include customization by adding notes, websites, and apps, seeing likes, @mentions and replies with a single tap, using chat instead of email.


Hipcall is an all-in-one communication solution for companies. Phone system, call center, video meeting, social, and instant chat features are available. strives to bring out the best means of communication. Courage puts Mind and Science, Human capital, Conscience values at the forefront. Hipcall has specific products for industry, work teams. It will be the right choice for e-commerce, call center, education, health, IT, and Saas companies. It is also a good application for customer services and sales teams to manage their business and work effectively.

Teams working from different regions can also use the Hipcall product. You can start trying these products, which we can call one of the Zoom alternatives, by requesting a demo. Products for all kinds of needs are available. Hipcall is a very good solution for companies. It meets all communication needs.


In today’s conditions, we need video and voice calls more than before to see our distant loved ones or work with our colleagues. Zoom and Zoom alternatives serve this purpose. A new technology product emerged every day. To choose the most useful of them, it is necessary to know their features. In our article, we talked about Zoom and zoom alternatives.

Video call applications provide solutions to many of our needs. In the new world order, we understood the value of communication more. And with these applications, we can communicate instantly and effectively.If you want to learn more about virtual meetings, you can take a look at our blog post about The Best Virtual Meeting Guide: What is Virtual Meeting? & Why Do Companies Prefer?


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