All in one communication solution for companies.

Instead of having multiple tools and numerous suppliers – we are a one-stop-shop! We provide all of your business communication needs. We have virtual phone systems, chat, and video meeting tools in one place.

Hipcall helps companies to communicate with their clients.

We specialise in communication platforms for businesses and provide multiple tools. A one-stop-shop for your convenience.

Contact Center

Your team can easily share contact information like phone number, email, notes with Hipcall. All communication data is in one place.

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Business Phone System

Hipcall is VoIP and a cloud base phone system. You don’t need any device to use our phone system. You just need the internet and a browser.

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Call Center

Empower your agents to deliver a great customer experience or close deals. Monitor your SLA and other metrics.

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Video Conference

No downloads needed. Hop on meetings right from your browser, or the app.

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Whatsapp & Messenger

Whatsapp & Messenger module is coming soon.

Instant Chat

Instant chat module is coming soon.

Save with Hipcall

Hipcall replaces a bunch of apps. See how our all-in-one, fixed price compares to bundling Slack + Aircall, Zoom together:

With Hipcall
Contact center
Business phone system
Call center
Video conferences
Whatsapp & Facebook messenger

$49/month per user


Slack: realtime chat
$6.67/month per user

Aircall: phone system
$50/month per user

Zoom: video conferences
$12.50/month per user

$69/month per user

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