Cloud Phone System

Setup your phone system in minutes, make & receive calls, setup your greeting (IVR), record calls, get reports.

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A better way to communication

Before Hipcall: Communications feel scattered, it’s tough to remember or see what spoke with customers, you can get report and people are stressed. After Hipcall: Every communication is organized in one place, you’re on top of all communication, you can get all business reports and a sense of calm sets in.


You can any VoIP numbers in the Hipcall system. Hipcall system supports SIP standards. We don't force you to any telecom provider. If you provider service VoIP & SIP numbers, you can easily use the Hipcall.

Use own numbers

If you numbers have SIP feature, you can use them at Hipcall. If you don't have SIP numbers, don't worry, there are tone of phone providers.

Greetings (IVRs)

Greetings can give your business a more professional appearance. They can also help you save on labor costs by replacing a live secretary for answering calls.

Automatically welcome and direct

Hipcall's greeting system automatically play the welcome announcement and direct the caller via pressed extension number. You can change all greetings announcements and scenario.

Let callers know when you’re available or away

Hipcall Phone System has business hours feature. System can play different announcement for weekend, out of business hours, bank holidays. These calls are also reported.

Save on labor costs

Most of the business need to hire a secretary. You don't need a secratary just for redirect to calls and create reports.

Teams (Queue)

Queuing features help to you can keep the caller on hold until one of your agents is available.

Give caller a call back

If you set up callback feature in queue, callers in your queue will have the option to request a call back.

Customize the caller waiting experience

You can set up custom holding music or personalized messaging while they wait in the queue.

Reports & Widgets

Hipcall has a customize widget dashboard system. User can choice and setup their own widgets.

CDR - Call detail records

You can listen, export, filter the calls with CDR list. Hipcall system has also permission system that user can see only related calls.


User can create custom dashboard with their permission. Hipcall system has more than ten widgets.