Best Inbound Sales Guide: The Effect of Virtual Phone System

What is virtual phone system?

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A virtual phone system is a communications service that helps your calls via an internet connection. This system allows users to receive incoming and make outgoing calls via a mobile application, a desktop application, or an IP desk phone. Actually, a virtual phone system has been today’s communication system now.

The best side of virtual phone system is available from anywhere you are, as long as you have an internet connection. You don’t need to stay office all the time to receive your calls. There is no need to set up any cable or machine or etc. You only use mobile or desktop applications or IP phones which is very easy to set up. All your agents can receive or make calls via these applications and you can check the call reports and every detail on the online platform for the virtual phone system. You can also control your agents who are online or not. There are lots of benefits like these for this system.

Especially with the pandemic, most of the companies have started to work remotely. That has brought a communication problem not only communication with costumers but communication between the employees. Although this situation increase after the pandemic, it has been always an issue to be solved by the companies. The virtual phone system is a perfect solution for this issue.

What is inbound sales?

Inbound sales are all about guiding the potential leads. When a lead calls the company to learn more detail about the product, the inbound sales agent guide the lead and give information about the product and follow up the lead.

The potential leads already have some information about the company and the product before buying anything but they need details, that is the time that the inbound sales agents lead the whole process without any pressuring the potential leads. During this process, every company needs a phone system but which one is good for their company? This is a very important question to find a correct answer.

How a virtual phone system does help your inbound sales?

Unlike outbound sales, inbound sales have busy call traffic. There are always incoming calls at the same time and your agents can be busy, but with a non-cloud phone system, you can not control them all the time. This is possible and so easy with the virtual phone system. You will have an online page that you can check your calls and agents.

On the other hand, you will be able to see who is waiting on the call line, which agent is on the phone, which one is not, etc. With all these smart online solutions it will be much easier to control your inbound calls and agents. Thus, you will help all your potential leads even unanswered calls. Because with cloud-based phone systems you will be following your unanswered calls and return them.

Virtual Phone SystemAnalog Phone System
Costs lessCosts much
Very easy to set upTakes time and required technical equipment
Integration with software programsNo integrations with software programs
Rich advanced featuresLimited options
Has mobile and desktop applicationsHave only analog phones
Check call reports easilyNot easy to check to call reports
Listen to call record easilyNot easy to listen to call records.
Change IVR system easilyNot easy to change IVR system
Only need an internet connectionNeed infrastructural setup
Virtual Phone System vs Analog Phone System

How Hipcall does offer a solution?

Hipcall offers all the solutions in one platform.

  • Your team can easily share contact information like phone number, email, notes with Hipcall. All communication data is in one place.
  • Hipcall is VoIP and a cloud base phone system. You don’t need any device to use our phone system. You just need the internet and a browser.
  • Empower your agents to deliver a great customer experience or close deals. Monitor your SLA and other metrics.
  • No downloads needed. Hop on meetings right from your browser, or the app.
  • Integration with Whatsapp and Messenger
  • Have a instant chat for your website


We know how important a virtual phone system is to businesses, and through this system, businesses will be able to connect with their existing customer base. Moreover, businesses will be able to easily connect between new markets by using virtual phones. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, the spread of virtual phones has become a very important communication solution for businesses to increase both Inbound sales and outbound.



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